More In-Depth Police Units

  • I know they just added a police helicopter to the mix for the PD side of things but I was thinking maybe of adding the following units and what kind of calls they could be used for:

    K9- Used for a missing person, call involving narcotics, escaped suspect, etc.
    SWAT- Serving warrants, barricade suspect, officer down, active shooter, bank robbery, etc.
    Detective- Deceased person, missing person, undercover drug sting, etc.
    Marine Unit- DUI, boating accident, boat in distress, etc.

    For the regular patrol units already in game, adding in a variety of different calls such as:
    Domestic Dispute
    Shots Fired
    Welfare Check
    Home Invasion

    Any other suggestions are welcomed. I know I forgot about some of the potential calls ;)

  • We've actually got a few of those calls you've suggested lined up to be added in the next few weeks. I'll see what we can do about your other suggestions. Keep an eye here on the forums and on the Facebook Page for all the latest news!

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