Pediatric Specialty

  • I'm reviving an idea that 2 people have suggested one that hasn't gotten really any recognition. With the addition of the UCC's it's about time that the EMS aspect has a little more focus towards the pediatric side of things. With the addition of the Pediatric Specialty to UCC's and hospitals and opening up more calls for these specialties. Some idea's are/were pediatric unresponsive, pediatric fever, pediatric injury, pediatric burn, and pediatric fall. With that we can have specialized UCC's and pediatric hospitals for these patients. Along with adding pediatric patient transfers from the UCC's. I've included the two links from previous posts for idea's like this to help give some insight on this idea.…hlight=pediatric#post3106
    New Missions and POIs for misson

  • Paediatrics isn’t a bad idea. There are currently paediatric patients in the game as they are assigned certain codes.

    As for expansions at UCC’s. This most likely won’t happen for the same reason as small fire stations can’t have expansions.

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