EMT education for personell

  • hi,
    ive noticed that the firefighter personell cant threat victims on a call, for realism i think there should be an Add-on at the fire academy for training firefighters on BLS
    nowadays a lot of counties have required police and fire personell to have BLS its a normal standard

    how i would see this:
    you can hire firefighters and police officers but you cant actually treat victims when an ambulance is not nearby
    so i would suggest that when you hire personell that you need to send them to the academy for a first aid/EMT training
    this can take a week (7 days) or 3 days
    you can still assign those personell to any vehicle so basicly it doesnt matter in what kind of vehicle they are
    this function give you the ability to treat victims in the field

    personell - EMT/First aid education
    any vehicle
    ability to treat victims on scene
    transport still needs to be done by ambulance

    this is easier when there is no transport needed and you can do small EMS calls without any need of a vehicle you can use for another call where it might be important

  • this i would definitely like to see as most fire departments have firefighters who are cross trained as EMT's or paramedics stationed at most city fire houses, ive been stocking rescue engines and heavy rescues but if both can do the same job i could just stick with a combo rescue engine and have an EMT on the truck while ALS arrives and takes over for transport.

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