Costs,Schooling, and etc.

  • 1. I believe we should add a EMS Education to have different levels of EMS care ex.(EMR,EMT,AEMT,Paramedic,Flight Paramedic, and others). EMS Rescue Vehicle should be able to transport.
    2. The cost of Fire Stations is starting to get outrageous. Start to lose interest because I am not able to expand in certain areas, I also think we should be able to customize where and what type of calls we get in areas. They way it is now is really difficult due to the fact we are limited to a certain amount dispatch centers. Witch brings me to my next point. We should be able to place a lot more dispatch centers. For the admins and developers in the USA there’s a dispatch centers for every county. I am only limited to 3 when i should have atleast 8 whitch would relive some problems. I get missions where the resources are not worth the time to send and they sit in my mission bar for 24 hours. Whitch leads to a que in my mission status 28/30 and 28 of those missions I am unable to due thrn the game only spawns 2 calls at a time. Should really consider changing up some things. Price should really go down.

  • 1- Ems training would help to bring a feel of realism to the US version of the game considering many departments have trained paramedic fire fighters and the idea that any staff member could run the air ambulance, you would expect them to have aeromedical training.

    2- The cost of fire stations is pretty much to keep you playing for a bit longer, currently I average 1.5 mill a day and with that if every station was 50K, I could buy 30 stations a day, my advice if you want more callouts buy ambulance stations as they do not increase in price once you hit 25 stations.

    3- You get a new dispatch center every 25 buildings.

    Hope this helps.

    Any questions message me :)

  • Caolan, so where the county I live in there are
    7 fire stations
    1 Sheriff Office
    1 Police Department
    1 State Patrol post

    so that adds up to 10 stations every county is different where I have my mission cheif gameplay currently. There most all rual communities. I currently serving in 4-5 different counties but only aloud to have 3 dispatch centers. This is really difficult because If I assign the stations to dispatch center that’s not even in there county, those stations coverage areas get calls where I don’t have enough resources or a really long response time. So in Northwest Iowa, every county has a 911 Dispatch center. All the stations in the county are dispatched thru that dispatch center. It’s just super difficult when you are building and saving up for stations to build into a new county and get a huge call that requires so much resources it’s not even worth responding to. Which in that case fills up my call log and out of 35 calls at Spawn I can only go to 4 of them witch causes me to have to wait a whole 24 hours for them to disappear, I feel like we should be able to cancel the call with out paying for coins.

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