Fire Statons Building

  • What is the difference betweek and small and normal station? I know the expansion of a small station adding a bay is 10,000 and a 3rd bay is 50,000 points. up to 6 vehicles? A normal station cost more but does it have more bays built in or do I need to pay for more than one bay?

    I plan on building stations for quints without engines. The way the game is setup, am I stuck with an engine whenever I build a new station? Then I am stuck with a bunch of extra engines? Do I need to have the rank of a Captain to buy a quint?

    Thank you.

  • Small stations cost less and can have up to 6 vehicles but without expansions such as EMS, ARFF, Water Rescue & Wildland. At least for the time being.

    If you purchase a station with coins you won't have to pay extra for starting off with a Rescue Engine or Quint.

    But if you start a station with credits you'll start off with a free Type 1 or Type 2 Engine whereas you'll pay an extra 19,000 Credits upon purchase if you start off with a Quint or Rescue Engine.

    Like I said before, Small stations are cheaper but allow up to 6 vehicles but no expansions. These stations however can be upgraded. The larger stations cost more but I believe can go up to 40 vehicles. At least that's what the game is showing.

    If you want only 2 or 3 vehicles then I suggest a small station. But if you want a station with Fire and EMS then unfortunately you'll need to purchase a larger station.

    Hope this helps!


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