Hotel Fire (Major)

  • Just been going through the possible mission list recently and noticed that for some reason the major hotel fire one is not green which basically says i do not have enough stations for it.

    It needs

    20 Fire
    6 Police
    15 Rescue

    Now I have over 80 fire and police with around 40 rescue stations.

    I've checked my 2 main dispatches they have enough stations to meet the requirement too on their own.

    I have poi set.

    Is anyone else "missing" this call

  • I'm the same i am 'missing' this call but I still receive them. I have also noticed HEMS is a required unit also.

    I've not had one for a while, get plenty of large and medium ones.

    Not that bothered by it just something I noticed as I was working out best way to do a new area for units ect.

  • So I've done some testing on my end with this missions have found out the problem and I will make the moderators aware.

    It seems that even if you have all the requirements and poi it will not spawn, however if you have a HEMS set to active the call will then spawn as usual.

    So to me it looks like when they updated calls to include HEMS and Critical Care they made having a active HEMS building a requirement.

    Again ive passed this onto the Mods and will let them pass this to the devs

  • Finally got one of these again but changed nothing.

    Never even activated hems but it came up with hems requirement but as part of the main units needed and not a patient need.

    Rather odd as it's still not green in the list of possible calls.

  • I also found a bug for this mission.

    The mission just spawned with no casualties. Yet HEMS and Ops Team Leader still required. I have set that un required units to stand down automatically, in the settings, - when they do stand down it pops up that HEMS and an Operational Team Leader are required. So I send them again... They are not needed and leave automatically... Only for it to pop up again they are needed.

    The only way to complete the mission is to change the settings.

    Anyone else found this?

  • I have reported the bug where OTLs are automatically stood down. This has been ongoing for a while but I brought it up again only a few days ago so should hopefully be sorted in the near future.

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