Request to have forum account closed and deleted

  • Dude you really need to chill out. There really isn’t any need to be like that with people on here. I’m guessing this is about the 100k issue. Unfortunately there isn’t anything anyone on here can really do about it other than give advise. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Leave him be, he's just salty lmao

  • You are quite immature, if you think just because we're not replying indicates you are right. Every single member of this forum team are in the position they are because they are actually capable of doing their job. If you don't like the the way this forum run then you better stop opening it. unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable of any option to delete an account, especially since the forum was updated like a few days ago.

    Again, This is not a place for you to insult others.

  • Just stop dude. You seem to be rude to everyone. Our moderators on forum, administrators, developers and individual alliance admins and players do not need your behavior. I helped you because I thought you could and could have gotten some compensation. I did not have much hope but who gives this is a great community. Absolutely unacceptable to be saying we are not doing a good job because your 100k miraculously disappeared. Everyone here is nice to you yet you can't share that with us. Our alliance saw your childish and rude behavior very disturbing. Because you can't seem to get your act together quit blaming it on everyone else. Everyone here is doing a fantastic job and they are the most helpful.

    I believe to delete the forum you delete your MC account.

    edit account>delete account

  • Very Interesting post, I believe if the Moderators are Volunteers here, so they are not payed. So I do not see why they should be 100% professional. Especially since they help where they can and are way more capable (in my opinion) then some in the German game.

    But anyways, since you seem to complain about everything I suggest you just to leave it be.

  • This forum is a joke. The staff on here are stupid and childish and retarded. I want my account to be deleted since there is no formal support.

    I am sorry you feel that was but the forum team have lives. They provide this service as a spare time role, many of the team also make content for the game for fun.

    There only a handful of staff provide support, also note that many of the staff on here have no relation to the Devs in Germany so they can only report issues hence why they may take a while to get fixed if its not a critical bug.

    Finally you mention formal support many of the community answer questions meaning that we don't need to provide input repeating what has already been said but we do try to clarify stuff when it's needed. At the current moment in time there is only 2 account that the Devs can use on the forums and they hardly use them compared to the DE forums where there are multiple posts by the Devs.

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