Marine Units Change

  • I have a suggestion for the Fire / Rescue Boat stations. Could "Rescue Boat" station be changed to Police Boat? The police boat unit could operate as a rescue boat, but could create an opportunity for some law enforcement missions. Missions like drug interdiction, harbor patrol, maritime security, etc. could be added with that change. Initially the "Fire Boat" station can be limited to fire boats only (I personally believe a small and a large variant for some realism) and an extension added for rescue boats. Fire boat would be able to respond for fire and EMS call types.

  • I know for myself, except for my CCGA (Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary) rescue docks, all of my rescue docks at police marine units (Peel Police, Halton Police, Hamilton Police, Niagara Police, Ontario Provincial Police), as most EMS providers will jump on a police boat to assist in rescue.

    Perhaps, an additional training be added to Police Academies for Rescue Dock station of "Marine Law Enforcement" to make a Rescue Boat eligible for Marine Law Enforcement Missions?

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