UK Fire Service Ranks & Command Levels

  • So I've got a basic understanding of the rank structure for most UK fire services - but recently I've noticed a lot of talk about "Level 2/4" etc incident commanders or something similar to that. I was wondering if anyone could draw a generic comparison between the rank names and the level of command ability, and what exactly the levels denote?

    For example, (and I've no doubt this is incorrect before anyone mentions it)

    Crew Manager - Level 1 - Commands a single appliance incident

    Watch Manager - Level 2 - Commands a 2/3 appliance incident

    Station Manager - Level 3 - Commands a 4/5 appliance incident


  • Yes I like the idea but I think a Level 1 is already on the pump (it would be annoying to train one on every pump) so maybe level 2 and above is better with a toggleable option so if it is off it will be just x fire officers not x L2 x L3 x L4

    Edit: i see what you mean sorry

    Commanders run in fire officer cars

    Level 2 (like a intermediate commander would be seen on fires like the house fire (person reported) or mutiple garges on fire)
    Level 3 ( you will see them arrive when there is a larger fire with maybe 3-4 total officers along side the level 2s)

    level 4 ( you see them on Major Incidents where you have all kinds of officers form L2- Hazerdous advisor- Tac Aid - )

  • This would be brilliant to bring in and also more realistic for the game.

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