Different paitent codes transported

  • So if a Cat 1 needs transport it will blue light it, Cat 2 I am not sure but possibly not blue light it, Cat 3 do not blue light it Cat 4 dosent blue light it

    with the current system even a cat 4 blue slights it:D

    This is incorrect. The PT triage code does not determine the response into hospital, the PT condition does.

    You may often see C4 PTs blue lighted into hospital and C1 PTs not.

    In terms of responding to the calls in game, of course all the codes will show as a blue light response as that's how the graphic packs show a unit is on a call.

    You can obviously change graphic packs so that units do not blue light.

  • Maybe a random chance of blue lighting it?

  • This is not really needed in the game, it is just an added cosmetic element that will not effect game play other than add to potential lag/slow running.

    The category system should be used for response time bonuses that's been talked about and that's it.

    After that the patient requirements should be met by sending to correct department and rewarded.

    No need for having calls create a random requirement for blues run to Hospital

  • Yah I agree the category system used for response times should be added but I'm not sure how it would work for cat 3 and cat 4s

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