999 rapid response uk

  • Hi everyone

    Welcome to the 999 Rapid Response Alliance.

    Recruitment Status: Open

    We are here to help you grow as a player and offer you beneficial things like alliance buildings, courses and a safe community.

    We are a relaxed alliance so you are free to play the game how it suits you, there's no requirement for real life locations for buildings.

    The only thing we ask from you is to read & follow the rules to keep the community fair and safe for all users.

    Why Should You Join Us?

    - Daily large scale missions and fequent storms.

    - Active and friendly staff.

    - Free daily courses.

    - Non-restrictive on building placements.

    - Constant sharing of missions.

    - Different staff roles to meet each player's interests.

    - A goal to expand our network of hospitals and prisons.

    Our Storm & Large Scale Mission Schedule;

    - Monday (Mission)

    - Tuesday (Mission)

    - Wednesday (Mission)

    - Thursday (Mission)

    - Friday (Mission)

    - Saturday (Storm)

    - Sunday (Nothing

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