Wildland Apparatus Updates

  • I would love to see the Wildland Engines get updated to be more accurate to real world specs and to make them more usable in the game.

    Type 3 is great but should have the minimum crew lowered to 2. The foam should also be increased to 25 gallons.

    Type 4 should also have the minimum crew lowered to 2. There should also be a foam capacity of 25 gallons

    Type 5 should be able to tow trailers like the type 6 can and the maximum crew should be raised to 4.

    Type 6 should be able to carry 4 firefighters. It should also have the water tank size increased to 300 gallons and there should be 12 gallons of foam.

    Type 7 should have the ability to tow trailers. The water amount is fine but at the bottom of the USFS standard.

    My recommendations above for personnel changes mostly come from what I have seen in the real world. The recommendations for changes to the water and foam capacities are based off of the US Forest Service standards for those types of apparatus as listed on their website.

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