Foam Content Suggestion

  • I’ve been gathering information from across multiple Fire services in Australia to try and get the most correct information for this suggestion.

    Foam update

    New Vehicles

    CAFS Pumper

    CAFS Rescue Pumper

    CAFS Aerial Pumper

    CAFS Heavy Tanker

    CAFS Bulk Water Tanker - foam tank 200L

    Maybe update existing vehicles or use these stats for the capacity for the new vehicles

    Pumper - foam tank 300L

    Rescue Pumper - foam tank 80L

    Pumper Tanker - foam tank 300L

    Heavy Tanker - foam tank 40L

    Medium Tanker - foam tank 40L

  • Hey @Corbz3

    Sorry about the response delay, we had a national telecommunications failure in Canada.

    This is great information and is very appreciated, definitely something we're looking to implement.

    Thanks again!

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