Coast Guard/RNLI

  • I would love to see the RNLI/Coast guard in the game having a air station and a water station, I think having a mission where you'd have to send the coast guard helicopter into the sea, or someone on a cliff, then you'd have to convey them to hospital via air would be a great aspect of the game and vise versa for the water based station. I think as far as progression in the game I'd love to see more stations, services to allow people to really expand in the area they build in, think it would just keep the game.

  • Please see various threads in the forum where this has been suggested and also discussed.

    There is a comprehensive SAR content team in place and working on bringing all aspects of SAR onto MissionChief UK.

    We are working on Coastguard, Lifeboats, SAR (both mountain and general).

    The use of names such as "HM Coastguard" or "RNLI" are prohibited as these are their genuine names and are not associated with MCUK.

    I am closing this thread as its a repetition.

  • Alctw10

    Closed the thread.

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