Toronto EMS Units

  • This 100% wrong. That is NOT anything to do with what they mean by ARU.

    This news article is for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and NOT Toronto, Ontario and is not related to what the Response Units are for Toronto Paramedic Services.

    The article is also NOT talking about Paramedic Services, it is a police related article. The OP was asking about Paramedic Services.

    I have finally decided to start building EMS stations in and around Toronto I've noticed a few things on the Wiki that state some stations have ARU (picture added) and I'm wondering what does ARU stand for, what would these unit be consider in game itself, and does anyone know what they look like on the road.

    Thanks everyone

    Toronto Paramedic Services runs multiple Response units within their fleet. These vehicles are staffed by single paramedics who respond to calls within the city and can provide sometimes a faster response then a regular ambulance.

    The term "ARU" you are seeing is to differentiate a Response unit with an Advanced level paramedic (Level II-ACP or Level III-CCP) versus is Primary level paramedic (Level I-PCP), which you may see as "PRU".

    These vehicles are marked as "Emergency Response Unit" on the side with a vehicle ID of "ERU ##", and a called over the radio system as "Response ##".

    Normally, we'd be called to Delta and Echo level emergencies unless operating in REM status in which Response may be called to lower priority calls. Sometimes Response Units with ACPs or CCPs staffing them will be called out as the only advanced care unit and will ride in the ambulance to hospital with the patient (another PCP will drive the Response vehicle with them to the hospital, unless a high priority call occurs where they are required).

    These type of vehicles are common within the Canadian paramedic services, including the services around Toronto, in the GTHA.

    Outside of Toronto, vehicles are numbered using the provincial OASIS numbering system and Response Units usually with have a "3" as the second number, however in cases like Peel, where they ran out of numbers, can use 4, 5 (originally for regional spare vehicles) or 6.

    Peel Region (Rapid Response Unit) 3453:

    York Region (Rapid Response Unit) 3374:

    Durham Region Emergency Response Unit:

  • Ah yes thank you, I worked in Toronto for a couple years until I moved back up to Northern Ontario last November, so I recall seeing these on the road a lot. I was assuming that they were the ERU cars but seeing the 'A' on the wiki was throwing me off a bit so I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly

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