• I have started adding in variations of medical missions to match IRL emergency calls and their respective codes.

    Doing this provides the community with a large range of missions and will help even more so with further updates that are to come.

    I could just leave them as generic but then we'd soon run out of missions that only require ambulance units and I'm sure that would be wrong.

    If anyone has suggestions for medical missions they'd like to see in the game, please feel free to DM them to me together with the patient code and response.

  • Sorry for the late responsw but perhaps changing the generic one we had for a long time to perhaps "epileptic seizure" or somthing because having 3 specific ones and 1 generic one feels kind of oof

  • The generic/baseline mission of a seizure/convulsion would be regular call we get every day.

    Seizures/Convulsion (NYD) would occur when it is a seizure occurring without any known reason or diagnosis, which would otherwise not qualify as the other missions (a general tonic-clonic seizure that is not in status epilepticus without any reason or prior diagnosis).

    This occurs a lot.

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