Fire of precarious installations Reward and Preconditions

  • Fire of precarious installations

    Reward and Precondition Value

    Average credits 3000

    Required Fire Stations 6

    Required Ambulance Stations 3

    Requirement of Police Stations 2

    Mission Type Fire Fighting Missions

    Vehicle and Personnel Requirements Value

    Required Firetrucks 2

    Required Platform Trucks 1

    Required Battalion Chief Vehicles 1

    Required Police Cars 2

    Other information Value

    Max. Patients 4

    Patient Specializations General Internal

    Probability that a patient has to be transported 50

    Minimum Number of Patients 1

    Helicopter request chance 10

    this mission should have a bomb tech vehicle as well

  • Why?

  • 2 bomb techs, and a minimum of 40 hazmat trained personnel cause why not

  • never mind.....I see why now. When I posted the "new mission monday" description had not posted.. It should really be renamed. Name just does not make sense

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