Critical Care/Transport chance for: HCP Admission

  • The recently added mission "HCP Admission" appears to have Critical Care Patients, even though they are not specified in the mission requirements.

    If I understand what HCP Admission is, it should also be 100% transport chance. As that is literally what a HCP admission is. Its a patient being transported to hospital at the direction of a HCP (Health care professional)


    The Ambulance Service Health Care Professional Admission Protocol is an enhanced clinically appropriate service for the admission of patients, ensuring that any critical clinical conditions are identified early in the question sequence and responded to immediately on blue lights.

    It will also enable the Ambulance Service to respond to patients who have a non-life threatening condition and require admission to hospital within a timescale clinically appropriate to their needs as determined by the HCP (i.e. patient to be at their destination within 1- 4 hours) for:

    1 Increased level of care

    2 Specialist care and opinion (e.g. cardiology, surgery, specialist clinics etc.).…ion-Booklet-Final-6.0.pdf

  • Morvran

    Changed the title of the thread from “Critical Care Requirement for: HCP Admission” to “Critical Care/Transport chance for: HCP Admission”.
  • Any C1 Job that has not got a specified critical care chance is assumed to be at 100% which seems like a bug. Tagging Alctw10 as somthing to flag to devs. I also checked in the .json file which includes hidden requirements and no critical care score is listed. Its a generic issue happening on all calls form major to single paitent jobs

  • HCP admissions in real often frequently result in discharge at scene or another form of alternative pathway.

    As do CAT1 calls.

    A HCP reviews a patient e.g. appointment with GP because of fainting episode. GP wants pt to go to hospital for an ECG. Ambo crew attend, instead of conveying do said ECG, do their assessment and if appropriate use alternate pathway instead of conveyance.

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