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    Ah Im in australia and my states cllsigns theres a neat spreadsheet... Im assuming you can't listen to a scanner

    Yeah, that is illegal to do in the UK and they protect their callsigns usually. That way emergency services cant be targetted easily by anyone who is listening on the frequencies.

    I keep on having to use Coins to clear Patient/Prisoner Hand Off Missions because they do not transfer the patients to hospital Despite ambulances being sent and mission being completed!! It wont leve my screen until I pay 2 x coins each and ties up Ambulances which could be used in other missions! Am I doing something wrong or are others having the same issue?? It just cost me 12 coins today as I had 6 of these missions on my screen that wouldn't clear no matter what units (Ambulance/Hems/Critical Care/Coastguard Rescue/Lifeboats) I sent or how many! :cursing: It shows the Casualties Names and the Bar Is either Grey (Empty) or Fully Green It just needs to show transfer request to take to hospital, but doesn't! IS THIS A BUG?? Can it be fixed?? I am fed up of having to spend Coins when I dont have to!

    Try cancelling all units on them. exiting the window and then if the mission doesnt clear, re-dispatch ambulances.

    I have found sometimes patients get "treated" but get stuck or the patient is stuck on a different unit. If the patient is coming from a EPIRB Marina mission, then the ambulances also semi-bug out and need to always be manually canceled. There is a bug report for that done. but no fix as of yet

    Also as Michaelje said. Missions auto clear, with no penalty if they have been active longer than 24 hours at 4am (GMT). So that is always an alternative, you can just recover your ILB/ALBs and leave the mission in your stack for 24-48 hours and it will just disappear.

    I would take automatic transport if an EMS Chief is on scene.

    They should already automatically transport but the setting might be disabled, Select the vehicle (Ambulance officer or EMS Chief). Press the edit button (where you change the name, response delay and shift pattern) and at the bottom there is an option for "Automatically assign a hospital to EMS"

    Concept proposal to make Mass Casualty incidents easier to manage/more realistic.

    The idea is simple. When an Ambulance Officer automatically sends an Ambulances to a hospital with a patient, if there are outstanding patients on that mission, Then the Ambulance Officer "recalls" that Ambulance back to the mission after it has successfully transported the patient. Either to treat another patient or transport another Patient. Reducing the need to dispatch large numbers of ambulances to a call or to manually re-dispatch more ambulances down the line.

    I would propose adding this as an option alongside the other Ambulance officer settings. Something like "Recall ambulances when there are outstanding patients"

    This would mean you could clear Mass Cassualty events with fewer resources. Making unit management and clearing of a large numbers of calls a little easier, as you dont need quite as many Ambulances on each mass cass mission.

    So i've been noticing recently, that the task and the rewards that are associated with them are bit out of whack at times. For example:

    Which is 18 expansions for only 60k reward. Now if I only did T1 upgrades (10k each) then I need to spend 180k. Which doesnt sound so bad, If its T2 upgrades (50k each) then thats 900k. At which point it starts to loose balance and then if its T3+ (100k) each). Well now thats 1.8m credits and that amount seems almost insultingly low. But at least it does have that T1 options (if you were willing build that many builds to get it.

    But there are worse/better examples.

    Had one today for "Build 5x Police Stations" reward 90k. A small Police Station for me costs 750k, each So that was 4.25 m credits for a 90k reward.

    Now I will still do these events .I use them as a way to gate keep how rapidly I expand and for the free weekly coins. But still. Can the rewrads at least partially reflect the cost? For the police one, why could it not be 25%-50% of the current build cost for a small police station? So for me currently at approx 750k. it would reward more like 300k? Would that really be that bad?

    The tasks get harder as you get bigger, but the rewards feel like they only get smaller and smaller and it is a real shame at times. So can we get scaling rewards as we scale as players, to continue to give meaningful value to the tasks?

    Im also a bit concerned they seem to all be Winter Missions, meaning that in a few months, all these new missions will disappear. Should have a Winter and non-Winter mission added every week

    NameCrew Carrier/minibus
    Service-LSAR / MRT
    Purpose-Transport additional "Search Technicians" to LSAR missions
    How many personel are required1-12
    Building expansionFound in SAR HQs and Coastguard Stations
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN?A

    The recently added mission "HCP Admission" appears to have Critical Care Patients, even though they are not specified in the mission requirements.

    If I understand what HCP Admission is, it should also be 100% transport chance. As that is literally what a HCP admission is. Its a patient being transported to hospital at the direction of a HCP (Health care professional)


    The Ambulance Service Health Care Professional Admission Protocol is an enhanced clinically appropriate service for the admission of patients, ensuring that any critical clinical conditions are identified early in the question sequence and responded to immediately on blue lights.

    It will also enable the Ambulance Service to respond to patients who have a non-life threatening condition and require admission to hospital within a timescale clinically appropriate to their needs as determined by the HCP (i.e. patient to be at their destination within 1- 4 hours) for:

    1 Increased level of care

    2 Specialist care and opinion (e.g. cardiology, surgery, specialist clinics etc.).…ion-Booklet-Final-6.0.pdf

    An overhaul to critical care is needed too. It is required on C1 Paitents unless it is specifcally written as "0" which leads to certain calls that shouldn't require CC to end up requiring it. It didnt use to work like this but the devs changed the way cc is addressed

    It does annoy me that Patients codes dont necessarily equal CC requirement.

    So with the year nearly to a close I wanted to create a wishlist for features I'd love to see in the new year and I would love to see what other features people would hope to see in the coming year as well:

    My list:

    - Overhaul to Ambulances/Critical Care to add new staff types like Doctors, to make calls more dynamic by requiring differernt units/staff, Inlcuding the return of HEMS.

    - Overhaul to Hospitals to use UK departments instead of the current US ones. (Changes to "Clinics" as well to better relfect the UK version)

    - More SAR missions and better overall integration of SAR Units (Coastguard helis for example being usable for mass-cass missions)
    - SAR Related Bugs to eventually be fixed

    - Alliance improvements including automated training and mass-cancelation of patients

    - Prisons/Custody Suites to be buildable by the player and not only via Alliance
    - ARR Improvements

    - Easier vehicle/Building Management (especially when it comes to mass changes like naming units, automated prefixes could be awesome)

    I am in a small alliance and we have started the autumn missions event and one of the requirements is a flood rescue vehicle could anyone assist with what this is please

    I think the primary unit is located in the "Coastguard rescue stations" requring the flood rescue extension and then the "Flood rescue unit (trailer)"

    Would definetly need to be fully configurable, but yeah, some "realism" settings like these would be good. Though would also want a better way of configuring it. Currently, there are aspects of the game i've ignored simply because there is no easy way to set it up. You literally have to go vehicle by vehicle and for 100s of vehicles that takes a very long time

    Only thing I can think of, is that this is something to do with public order at major transport hubs ( like train stations) after something like a concert or sporting event. Though no idea what the "Serial" bit is about

    Currently trying to do the Christmas event, but Christmas just arent spawning enough. Im getting maybe 1 or 2 per 100-200 missions im clearing and I just dont understand why. Pretty much everyday so far i've been unable to complete that task. Halloween was really easy. They were every 4 or 5 missions

    I dont wanna be a crow, but these recent updates has more serious bugs as we are used to.

    Maybe this because of the monetization, or i dont know. But at the end, made me to stop playing.

    I dont know about monetization. but certainly some of these SAR missions are so buggy they are almost uncompletable. It is a shame