Fire fighters trained in Lifeboat Operations

  • Where has the Fire - Level 1 Incident Commander Training gone?? Can we get it back??

    Also I have a few fire fighters now trained as Lifeboat Operators and Lifeguards!!

    This is from the first two Stations I ever made when I started playing MC which was before the option for lifeguards, lifeboats & Coastguards existed!!

    I did not train them in this! It must be from another training that has been compromised/Changed??

    They are also nowhere near the coast so I dont need them to Be Lifeboat operators!

    I get that the fire Academy now trains lifeguards for boat missions but I havn't started that yet I dont have any boat trailers!How can this happen if the Lifeboat college only Train Coastguard and RNLI Stations???? there must be a bug somewhere!!

  • Incident command is just thr mobile command one

  • The Lifeguard Training is for the Technical Rescue Extension (Boat Trailer towed with the Light 4x4)

    Yes i get that, but what I'm saying is that I have not trained any firefighters as lifeguards yet as I don't have the need for them because i do not have the extensions built or have any Boat Trailers or Light 4x4's! So It must of been from another training that I have done but its now changed to Lifeguard and I now have Firefighters also trained as lifeboat operators! but you cannot train them in this either so something is amiss!

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