Medical Helicopter Station Improvments

  • Part 1:

    There should be a way to have more than one HEMS vehicle to a Medical Helicopter Station. These Medical Aviation Stations should be expandable like the police aviation stations.

    Part 2:

    I believe there should be an ability to change the max personnel on HEMS vehicles to more than 1 person. It is unrealistic to only have a pilot, as Medical Birds have 3 people (2 Pilots and 1 Flight Nurse depending on company)

    Id love to hear thoughts on this suggestion,


  • In the UK version you can have 1 x HEMS Helicopters and 5 x HEMS RRV Cars per Medical Helicopter Station with Extentions to allow a further 2 Helicopters per station so a total of 3 Helis and 5 RRV's with a Fully Expanded Station.

    Helicopters can have 1 - 5 personel, but RRV's can only have 1 which i feel should be allowed to have more (min 2 Max 3 personel at least 1 x Doc and 1 x Paramedic)

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