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    Taser officers will not be added for the same reason as things like blue light driving course wouldn’t be added. Taser is becoming a lot more common across policing and would require players to train hundreds if not thousands of officers in this. Also, a Taser is definitely not a substitute for a dog. A Taser can be ineffective, a dog hanging off your arm by its teeth tends to work 99% of the time

    I do have to say I do think it is a shame that it won’t be added. Or even considered to be added at a later date.

    I believe this has been mentioned before about tasers and if I remember is something that won't be looked into much due to the vast number of forces which now allow most officers to become taser trained. In my opinion it would just be a worthless training since most officers carry them

    I’m sorry I get what your saying about most officers carry them but a lot don’t I think it would be a great addition and would reflect uk policing very well.

    Not sure whether this has been noticed by anyone else, but the requirements for Light Aircraft Crash (the version that spawns for me at least) includes 4x PRV, 4x SRV & 2x ATV Carriers. I feel as though this may be slightly excessive and wondered what others' thoughts on this were?

    When compared to large airplane crash incidents it’s not right surely large airplane incidents should have more then I could understand.

    Yep.. Been asked to be fixed for a while, it's a shame. Would make more sense to only stand down ambulances, leave AOs and MCE etc. However, it's not yet been said to be on the list of things to be fixed (even in the QOL pack), which sucks, because it's a premium feature.

    I advise just turning it off, sadly ?(

    Thanks yes I do have to agree it is sad that this can’t be fixed.

    It does arrive but for some reason after all patients have been treated and sent to hospital then is automatically cancelling its self. Then it is requesting one to be sent again.

    Hi these is because 4he game requires the ambulance officer for btih the main mission and if the paitent count spawns exceeding 20 (same with MCE but MCE is 30) so you need to keep it at scene for the whole time I belive the reason for this is for sone missions there may be a chance for it to be under 20 but the team still know the MCE and AO will be deployed. Building collapse is a example of this since the max is 20 paitents and min is 8 you can have it below 20 and tje paitent won't need a AO but the mission does :)


    Surely it’s something they can fix as u shouldn’t need to send one at beginning then at the end send another one after there is no patients.


    Not sure if anyone else is having an issue with sending a ambulance officer to loads of patients after all treated and sent it comes back up with needing a ambulance officer again so have to re send.

    Just wondering if we have any time lines for any of these being introduced to the game.

    Look forward to seeing some of these changes.

    I think it makes the game interesting when new updates come out .

    Please keep up the hard work to all involved.

    Sorry my understanding is it had been put forward but must have got this wrong. My mistake.

    Thank u for clarifying about coastguard.

    I don’t know but it may also be the case that they are working on the coastguard update. So got a small one today. Which will be interesting when it comes out and bring another variety of calls when that comes out.

    I’m just really looking forward to a whole new area being brought out into the game can’t wait to see what coastguard brings and will also open up a load of new missions.

    Keep up the hard work of keep bringing out this new stuff for me it is what keeps making the game interesting. 👍👍

    I've completed the UK Coastguard Content and just finalising the missions to go with the pack before submitting.

    There may be a few similarities however please remember the two services are entirely different.

    I have priced it so its affordable and practical for all members, hopefully when implemented the prices stay the same :)

    Hi yes I’m fully aware that they are different. I also like the fact that they are designed around what’s in each country.

    Look forward to seeing it when it comes out keep up the great work👍

    New missions added every Monday

    I’d like to remind players of the UK version that just because the US game has had a lifeguard update, doesn’t mean this is in the works for the UK version or that it’s the next planned expansion. As I have said before, we want our content to be right and not regurgitated from other versions.

    Thanks tacfan

    Yes fully aware and like the fact it is designed around each country.

    I was just saying I liked what they brought out and it would be good if they brought out a update that good around ie coastguard in uk.

    I also know they work very hard around each update.

    But look forward to seeing what comes out in the coastguard update when ready. 👍