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    I believe they are only for coastal related calls. However, there is a glitch in the programs that generate water missions well inland and the boats travel across land to get to the mission (pretty funny to watch). Basically, the game can not tell the difference from land and water. Has been reported many times over past 3-4 months to support with promises to correct but as of yesterday, water missions still generating in the national forest or in the middle of main street USA. Bottom line is not used for SAP

    Wasn't arguing, just know that when a person new to the forums (perhaps not the game) comes on and talk about how things should be and "not liking certain features", it doesn't sit very well with the developers, administrators, and advisors who put a lot of free time into what the game is and does..

    Can't wait to see the responses to this one.... :)

    not the way it works in real life. a call for that type of fire inside any building would prompt the structure fire response for that typ

    Working now on this with some guys in our Alliance (USFR), including firefighters. Sharing all input we have in here. We've come up with 5 tiers to this mission, I'm suggesting POIs for higher tiers, including Cargo Port, Laboratory, Mall, Storehouse and Warehouse. These fires could occur anywhere, so I wouldn't suggest POI for the most basic mission. However, for variations, any or some of the POIs listed should be required.

    those companies pay anyone and everyone to pick up/re-charge/store those things, hence the large volume of fires being experienced in taxpayers in NYC and apartment buildings or even mom/pop store fronts

    (Not a firefighter irl, I play a bunch of games and watch youtube) I would think, depending on the scale of the battery, 1 heavy rescue, 2 engines, and 1 tanker.
    Probably would cost around 1,500. Would be able to expand into a residential fire, commercial fire, or industrial fire.

    not the way it works in real life. a call for that type of fire inside any building would prompt the structure fire response for that type of occupancy, business, strip mall, warehouse, residential, apartment building, etc.,

    Thank you for suggesting addition to Monday Mission Suggestions. Looked at that page. But I am not a real-life firefighter and I would have no idea as to which units or how many should be deployed. Or how many credits the mission should be worth. Maybe if we generate enough interest in here we can come up with realistic numbers.

    I agree with you and thanks for the input. Certainly as a not firefighter you would not know that and suggesting it here is fine in my book. Even as a full time firefighter I would have no clue as to the response type as it will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from occupancy type to occupancy type. Response compliment will certainly vary from residential, to commercial such as a business, and then on to a strip mall type fire due to it. The problem certainly exists

    1. Once again, add a section in your dispatch center where you can see the total amount of times every unit has been dispatched in the past week, month, and year. This will help us judge where we should add station expansions and would be a super cool feature in general.

    2. Police Gang Unit. One major police subdivision that is - well.. missing. As of the recent update, was the gang unit. Considering I am based out of Chicago, it would be cool to spawn "Gang Hotspot" POIs myself, and with the correct expansion- gang related calls can spawn within a certain area set by the user. Such as "Gang Activity", "[Gang] Drive By Shooting" (+ Stabbings, assaults, drug trafficing, etc.) These would require more SWAT officers and gang unit patrol cars (with appropriately trained personnel) to respond. It would be an absolute game changer in terms of realism if this were a thing. You could also add more Commercial, industrial, residential, and strip mall fires as fire stations in bad areas are far busier than their counterparts in the nicer areas (Just look at the call totals for LA, Chicago, Baltimore,).

    In the comm center it under vehicles it shows the mileage, just not the number of calls for each vehicle. I think that we are going way overboard with the police missions. I think it started out to be a fire/EMS game and police was added, but we have been told over and over and over that the developers can not make it completely real and that they can not add different features just because it happens in several places. Right now, with the exception of a few call types, I am very happy with the realism aspect. As an administrator has said many times, "we will never satisfy or make everyone happy",

    The staging areas work much like dispatch centers where the number you are allowed to have increases by the number of stations you have.

    IIRC its 1 dispatch center/staging area for every 25 stations.

    dont think that is true as I have well over 300 stations and the max staging I can have is 8

    think of the police commander as a police CPT. or deputy chief - there to supervise the supervisors - usually Sgt or LT, i do agree the fed extension is useless , and even more so requiring it to have a bomb squad - as many pd have their own bomb squad with no fed presence in their sytem, i also agree on the k-9 carriers - iv never seen or heard of one at all in any pd system - only single dog and handler in 1 unit, the tac rescue unit sounds similar to NYC ESU from what i understand about them - they are SWAT and rescue trained

    I agree with all of what you said except the commander part. The whole thing about the supervisor was to auto authorize transport. They activated them when it was put out and that made the transition easy. Now they are adding another level of supervisor, that "requires us to spend more credits to activate, spend credits to train, and spend more credits to purchases vehicles for which on the largest part don't excuse.. Police crew carrier added and we already have a swat SUV that transports personnel. While a prisoner transport van may be useful, it now requires another purchase. The extensions should be optional and if you chose not to add them or the vehicles, the missions should not generate. I have already had mission generate requiring a bomb technician and I have not activated any extensions.

    Since the new update today, I'm not getting any new missions.

    I've changed to all mission spawning speeds including pausing and unpausing multiple times, nothing helps.

    Any suggestions?

    Try clearing your cache, then refreshing the browser. Then log out and back in. Once new mission are added, they often take quite some time to start generating.

    What is the purpose of all those additions? Confusing. We already have a federal police station, so what is the purpose of a Federal Police Extension? We have sheriff/police supervisors, what is the purpose of a police manager? We already have K9s as well as Swat (which basically is not much different than Riot Police).

    I am aware of the EMS Stand Down feature and it is turned off