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    True, so for those stations you just wouldn't equip the truck with ALS equipment.

    yes......true....but, i have found that with the addition of some of those "extras" the game begins to generate missions requiring them and then you can't manage because you don't have the resources. An example is the Traffic Control... it was said that if you don't activate the extension then missions won't generate of that type. It was added almost two years after I started playing and to put traffic control over 2/3 of Florida (which I cover) it would cost a huge amount. I did NOT activate the extension, yet every day I get dozens of missions I can't finish because they are requiring Traffic Control. No one has the time, desire nor the funds to go back and equip all stations to meet that extension.

    Firefighting plane stations, and such are limited based on the number of forestry extensions you have. Not sure the ratio but know they are directly related. The tone you use in your message is not a way to get things done. As you said, motorcycles don't count and it has been that way for more than two years. Just don't buy them and "waste" your money. Same goes with the other items. If they have no use, then don't buy them. Just saying.

    Developers.... Its time to fix what you have already added. You have vehicles that are not used ever. like ATV trailers, Tactical Rescue Truck. Police Motorcycle never count as a police unit on any call(problem for a long time). And they are never required. Ambulance trailers they don't help at all. They don't care for patients any more than a cop. Wildfire air support, I have purchased 10 spots for lead planes, helos, smoke jumpers. But can only use 6 of the 10.. Cant buy anymore. I have 4 smoke jumper planes that I can not buy or use. Please fix existing issues. Dont include vehicles that are not even needed/used.

    See the picture. First I fully understand that the top hospital CAN'T receive that type of patient. However, very often in my haste to transport a bunch of patients as the transport request automatically takes you to the next patient, I have inadvertently hit the button and told the unit to transport to the unavailable hospital. Does anyone know what happens to that patient or that mission?


    At the end of the day, this is a game and not real life. Resources scale for higher paying missions. a long time player, the moderators, administrators, and content advisors ask for input and that is why they created a "suggestion for improvements" thread. I try to set up my counties realistic. I have I placed one. Even the largest of airports does not have this many ARFF vehicles staffed or even as spares. A mission in real life would completely deplete the resources in the airport county as well as 3 surrounding counties and still not be enough.. It simply needs to be modified.

    Here is another incident that the response compliment is way out of whack. This incident occurs on a Runway which is real life possibility. But even at the largest metropolitan airport this would not generate the response compliment required. For example, if this happened at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia or Tampa Airport in Florida, this type of response would deplete the entire fire and ems system from more than two counties adjoining the airport. It needs to be addressed please.

    Is this to first Alarm initial turnout, before confirming a fire not transmitting a greater alarm?

    That would be a standard response for a reported "fire" in that type facility and if confirmed a couple tankers added before arrival. On arrival a greater alarm or a 2nd alarm would duplicate the 1st

    I believe that this is probably a mistake, as Little Field Fire, Medium Field Fire, and Major Field Fire are Fire Fighting Missions, while Large Field Fire is a Wildfire Mission. They should all at least be both, however, I think they would fit better into Australia if they had their name changed to something like "Small/Medium/Large/Major Grass Fire", and were all moved to be under Wildfire Missions.

    From what I know and in Florida, most departments will handle the first 3 that you have without the involvement of Florida Forest Service unless there is a need for a dozer. On larger fires Forestry is almost always involved. I have noticed what you are pointing out but not commented until now.. Perhaps eliminate "major field fire" will be the quick fix? But again, this is a great example of how the terminology and incident typing is different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and so is the response. For the developers to modify that to meet every difference there is, would be an insurmountable task.

    Great example of how not only departments, but countries respond differently. I If was to do it here, I would pick and engine or a squad with 6 folks and call it a RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) or RIG (Rapid Intervention Group). If you are using Blue Card ICS it would be "On Deck". In real life, the department I work for dispatches a RIT Task Force (BC, Engine, Squad, Truck, ALS) on working fires.. Everyone is different.. Thanks for sharing yours.

    We would send on the initial dispatch 3 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Engines, 2 Ladders, 1 Heavy Squad, Air Truck, 2 Tankers and a couple Ambulances. Since it is a new incident, I am hoping that it changes

    It has been explained many times before by moderators, content advisors and administrators that this is a game and it can't recognize the difference between land and water and while the roads on the map are accurate for the most part, the units just take the closest path. In your case the game saw what appears as a road and that was the most direct route and the unit went. I have had wildland fires in the middle or a lake or in the middle of a large city. Until I adjusted the mission spawn area, I also had boating incidents in the middle of a National Forest with no water anywhere near. It happens and they can't do anything about it.