Moving Mobile Air

  • Hello, I am trying to move a Mobile Air unit, but when I click move I get a list of Ambulance stations and not Fire Station, so cannot move my Mobile Air to the correct station. I have tried refreshing the page and clearing my browser cache.

    Admin 999 First Responders
    Chicago Fire Department (US)
    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Eastern Delivery Area (UK)

  • The mobile air units have a known bug where they are considered ambulances in certain parts of the game. The workaround for this is building an ambulance extention in the building you want to move it to. The cheaper option is buying a new one where you want it to go.

  • I suggest you buy a new one then mark the other one status 6 until you either need it or a place that needs one lets you transfer

    For example i build all my ambulance stations as fire stations so i can have a heavy rescue(in NSW police and ambulane both have rescue teams like the fire department expect without the fire part)so i mark the type 1 as a sev(service exchange vehicle) intill a position that needs a type 1 open then i transfer it

  • I am having the same problem. Trying to move the air unit to another fire hall and all it gives me is ambulance stations. It would be nice if someone fixed this rather than telling us to buy a new one. Unless you are going to credit my account for the obvious error.

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