Possible sepsis patient

  • Hi,

    Two questions:

    1. Where is the actual list for the codes of patients?

    2. I've been using this website for the codes. However, I just got the mission "Possible sepsis" and a patient with the code "36-D-2". Now, 36 isn't a protocol on that website, so, I'm wondering if there's a different one to use. Thank you!

  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…_Priority_Dispatch_System

    Here is the most accurate page I’ve found so far. Unfortunately, it just gives the protocol descriptions, but they are, for the most part, accurate. 36 is still listed as ‘Flu like symptoms’ instead of ‘Pandemic’ and Protocol 35 only exists in the UK. The company keeps their codes quite private.

    In relation to the sepsis call, would 26 (as a delta or Charlie) be a better protocol than 6? Sick person as opposed to breathing problems?

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  • Hi there,

    Hopefully I can help out. Those Protocol codes, or Determinant codes are common in EMD and if you look up emergency medical dispatch determinant codes, you'll get quite a few resources. Obviously every agency responds a little different, like for instance, my area doesn't have fly cars at all, so sometimes you may see 2 or 3 ambulances on scene for one patient. The exact protocol that each agency uses will differ, however the EMD codes will give guidance of what resources are required.

    This Site covers a little information on most of the codes, but doesn't include past 33.
    This link is from Rogers, AK, and basically categorizes the call with a quick description, the determinant code (no dashes, do you can type it quicker in the find bar if you don't know them all) and also lists it as a Priority 1 (medical emergency lights and sirens) or Priority 2 (no lights and sirens) which can give you an idea if you are into triaging calls and sending resources that way. It'll also list calls as Med Transfer, Water rescue, etc. It's a good resource.

    This doc covers EMD Determinant codes, the history, how they work and gives a good understanding. When I did my EMD course, I got a similar module explaining the basis. It's a good tool to review.

    If you have more questions specific or wanna pick my brain on something specific, PMs are open.

    Sepsis can look all sorts of ways, and like TACRfan said, it's hard to determine on the phone. It might be an infection, could present as flu, breathing problems, anything. This is almost one of those calls where you could see several determinant codes used, and chances are, different EMDs might even classify the call differently. I might call it a 32-e-1 for instance.

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