Alliance Vehicles on Map

  • Can we add the option to show alliance members' vehicles on our map? I know we already have alliance buildings but I think it would be nice to see the vehicles as well. I know myself and an alliance member share neighboring jurisdictions between our stations and it would be a major help.

  • As long as they are dealing with an incident that is being shared with the alliance (be it an event or simply a shared mission) you can see them.

    Dispatch Center > Settings > Tick option that says "Show alliance vehicles from missions you're not involved in"

    I don't think displaying all of them all the time would be a good idea. I have 130 vehicles and deal with about 30-35 incidents at any one time. At least half of them would be moving about. If the majority of the alliance is online then I'm looking at 40 members. If only half of them members were playing and only half their vehicles moving about (saying they have roughly the same as me) that's 1300 icons moving around the map at any one time, not including missions. That's very computer resource intensive. Not only that but it would then be an increased load on the server as you're having to load the data from it. Things will also fall out of sync I imagine as they'll be a bigger delay having to load updates for them all.

    Hopefully the first thing I mention provides what you want?

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