Development updates

  • Hello all. I want to give an update and some insight into what’s happening behind the scenes with the two games that this forum focuses on as I know people are becoming increasingly frustrated at the length of time between updates.


    Starting with the US game. The next update as I have said in past posts will be a Wildfire update as this is highly requested. The update is quite comprehensive and has a lot of content so we are currently breaking it down into smaller updates, so right now we are just trying to work out which new vehicles are most important to begin with, followed by the next, followed by the next etc.

    The aim now we have multiple versions is rather than have the a balanced “English” language version of Missionchief, is have realistic versions relating to the areas that that version ties to, US realistic to US, UK to UK etc.


    There is many content updates we want to bring to the game from, USAR for fire, to a realistic ambulance game and more. This takes time. I know a lot of players want to just see HEMS copies over from the US game but rather than add something that we will have to change at a later date, it makes more sense to add it along with the other EMS features. The next update to the UK game will be for fire and will be the addition of CARP’s and SWR.

    In terms of missions. We are trying to make the missions realistic so again, rather than just copying and pasting, we are trying (the change to mission Monday’s has skewed this a bit) to bring missions with realistic requirements. A couple of examples of this are the Thatch fire and Silo fire. These are realistic PDA’s to those incidents.

    I know it’s frustrating as it is taking a long time but please trust me that there is some great content heading your way, I have seen what my team is designing for the UK game in terms of realistic gameplay for ambulance, emergencies at airports etc, that there is a lot to look forward to and again with the US game I can sure you that it’s the same.

    Also I haven’t been that active on the forums recently as I have been away for the last two weeks on vacation but should be back to normal next week so I’m not dead :D

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