Question for real builder: number of buildings

  • Hello all,

    As far as I know, there is a fundermental difference between the US system and the German system in terms of centralization of buildings and units.

    While in Germany there are usually many vehicles at one location (with smaller fire stations for support) it seems that in the US there are many fire stations with only one or two vehicles.

    Since the basis for all versions is the German version (as I understand it), I wonder if this is taken into account in the US system, since the size of operations is based on the number of fire stations, for example. Doesn't it happen quickly that if I build many fire stations and staff them realistically with only one or two vehicles, I get missions that I can't easily complete?

    The question of financing buildings also fits into this context. The costs of buildings increase significantly with the number of buildings. But if buildings are only manned by a few vehicles and therefore don't bring in as much money, don't you quickly reach a point where you have to spend a long time grinding for the next guard?

    Thanks for any tips and advice.

  • I only use coins to purchase Fire Stations. I lost track of how many I am at. It is near 1500 fire stations. For the most part I am realistic. Station Locations are all exact location as current, Future or former Fire stations to the best of my research. However. Some stations do not have in them what they have in real life. Personally I find this impossible. Minnesota is my largest set up. There are 866 fire departments (Departments not stations) in Minnesota. Out of those there are only 5 official real hazmat teams covering the entire state. Mainly in the twin cities. Sure some of the larger departments have a small set up for hazmat but if anything big comes in they request the closest hazmat team be started. So in alot of my just a tad bit bigger cities I do have hazmat teams.

    I also use all multi purpose units. Quints, Rescue Engines, and pumper tankers. That really extremely helps. In my major cities any of the stand along companies are either a quint or pumper tanker. Any of the double house companies are rescue engine and pumper tanker or rescue engine, quint. Since I am not sure I am going to do a wildland set up. I have recently just started making some of my pumper tankers brush trucks in rural areas.

    In real life I know there is not an ambulance at every fire station in Minnesota. But there is ambulance coverage. So in my set up I am just placing 1 als medic rig at every fire station. With the mass Cass units and EMS chief at most of my hospitals.

    Mobile commands seem to be a thing of the past atleast in Minnesota they are a dying breed. But again in my setup I placed them at every little bit larger set up. If I only placed them at cities that officially had a MCV I would have some cities with a 7-8 hour response time for a MCV.

  • I am slowly building up FDNY with accurate firehouse locations and accurate units in the stations, and accurate responses to events. To make the game work I need to use some units from real life as different in the game.
    Engine = Engine
    Ladder = Quint, only to get the 6 person staffing, never send them as an Engine
    Battalion = Battalion
    Squad = Rescue Pumper
    Rescue = Heavy Rescue, slowly switching over to Rescue + boat
    RAC = Air unit
    Mask Service = Air unit
    High Rise Unit = Tanker
    Satellite = Tanker
    MCC = Type 2 engine
    Division = MCV
    Field Comm = MCV
    Squad 2nd Piece = Hazmat
    Hazmat = Hazmat
    BFU = Type 2 engine

    I didn't feel like I got missions that I couldn't handle due to many firehouses with less resources opposed to less with more.

  • Sometimes, I try to play with actual response codes but it just doesn't work well. Its hard to get a balance on the unit you have and the calls. For instance, I worry about not making my aerial quints, because there are not a high demand of aerial units

  • Like Grubber I started using coins to build my stations and upgrade them. It is impossible to run the real-life units out of the stations since the game is based on the number of stations. My locations are as accurate as I can make them but what is in them is my discretion. I have a template I like to use for rural stations, urban stations, and those just assigned to wildfires.

  • This list helped me a lot so far. Thank you. ;)

    But with which vehicles do you rebuild these 3 vehicle types?

    - Chemical Protective Clothing Ladder (C.P.C.L.)

    - SOC Support Ladder (S.S.L.)

    - Foam

  • I am sure you know this but the key is to build the ARR so that the units only respond as the type of unit they are. I also set mine up that they have to respond with their parent company or the back up company

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