• This has been asked before, it would be great for all alliances.

    It would be great if it could be same system as our own buildings however that would be a headache as with well over 1,000 alliance buildings it would take an age to change them all.

    So maybe add in a universal graphic for all alliance buildings option or have possibility of one graphic for all alliance hospitals, one for all prisons, one for all schools or one for each service.

    Not that it would make much of a difference now with us as if we have alliance buildings shown on the map game lags like mad.

  • It could work with graphic packs for buildings - so you can set your own ones without doing it manually - you could even make one yourself (e.g a Scottish one with the PS Logo for both kinds of police station (you coulld have different between the sizes) and the SFRS fore fire stations etc

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