• well all i know is they need to make the fire and police the same price!!!

    Building more fire stations (and police stations to some extent) vastly increases the amount of money that you earn from your missions, hence the progression of cost.

    Looking at the UK game here specifically, but I believe the trend is the same on US and other versions.

    1 fire station - Highest job rewards 700 credits. Small fire station costs 50k. This means to build your 2nd station it takes 71.5 missions.
    13 fire station - Highest job rewards 9k credits, all of a sudden, it now only takes completing 5.5 missions to build another station.

    (Note that theres no price increase until the 25th station, this is an example)

    As you continue to build more stations, this trend continues, as such the price of stations increase in order to balance the game out. The highest paying UK mission is 40,000 credits, which means 1 mission would allow you to instantly build nearly 2 stations.

  • If the fire and police stations stayed at the same price then everyone would rather quickly be at the building limits of the game

    I know that it sounds like they get to expensive but honestly my opinion they are still reasonably priced I currently have 884 fire stations and my next large fire station is still only going to cost 2.2 million credits

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