RRVs to Carry 2 Staff Please.

  • Hello, I am writing this to ask if it is possible for the crew limit on the rapid response vehicles be increased to 2 to help me and others to play realistically. In the game Rapid Response Vehicles are also avaible in HEMS Bases. In real life when Helimed Crews respond in cars they more then always carry 2 staff, HEMS Paramedic, HEMS Doctor. Another example where this may occur is West Midlands MERIT Crews which carry 2. My final place where this could be handy is in Scotland were some of the critical care crews carry 2 staff. Please Bear in mind this is a maximum not a minimum. Really sorry if has been brought up, looked and couldnt find anything.


  • I thought the RRV could carry more than one person to simulate this exact thing, if not then yes this can be changed as most carry two as it’s the helicopter crew minus pilots

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