Detention Van Jobs

  • I’ve had the detention van for sometime now but I don’t seem to be getting any jobs for it. I’ve got a prison, I’ve made the extension ready for action. However, after a while I haven’t received any jobs that require the van, if there anything I need with it, what’s the main use for it and best ways to use it, any tips or advise for future use? Seems a waste if it’s rarely used.

  • Its not a unit that is required to attend a call. Its purpose in game is to transport 4 prisoners in one go. So if you have a protest and 6 people need taking to custody the Detention Van can take 4 and then the other 2 can go in whatever you want (Another Detention Van/Traffic Car/ IRV)

  • The reason a cage van hasn’t been added yet is because it’s not a priority vehicle. As with ambulance, we are at a stage with police now where we have a lot of vehicles that would be nice to have but not necessary, so we would definitely look at a pack for these at a later date

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