Server issues?

  • I don't know if the same servers do all versions and I realize this is the UK version, but while I can get on, it is very slow to load stuff and when I click on apparatus there is a delay and when I hit the dispatch button, I sometimes get a message saying that "it too too long to dispatch"

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  • Hello, this issue hopefully is fixed now and came in due to a broken mission update which mainly affected larger players that got a mission variant that no longer existed. Sorry that this happened, we'll take care to ensure that this kind of issue cannot show up anymore.

    Regarding the button that ChiefBoden61 mentioned: This is actually a slight "enhancement" that tries to alleviate issues with very large missions; usually you would get a timeout / server error after 15 seconds, this instead allows you to resubmit the remainder of the request. Of course ideally we fix the issue in a way that it never comes up (which isn't easy for a variety of reasons but always something we strive for with small improvements over time), but this way at least you can dispatch your units in smaller batches instead of being stuck with an error.

    Sorry again && have fun playing without issues once more

    Dennis from the developer team

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