Power Plant Fire - CBRNE EMS Mobile Command Requirement

  • Disregard (partially at least) - it appears the new mission generation system will increase the amount of EMS Mobile Command staff needed on scene by 2 even if 2 are already on scene.

    I tried to address this by training my EMS Chiefs with EMS Mobile Command and for the Fire MCV I trained folks in both EMS Mobile Command and Fire Mobile Command... that seems to work

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  • Hello,

    I feel like getting mocked by the Power Plant Fire and I think there is a bug with it. … Here’s what happened:

    Mission Power Plant Fire – Major was generated. I send all vehicles to the mission, including all requested EMS Units with an EMS MCV. Then the mission expanded to Power Plant Fire – Explosion and I did a second alarm.

    As the mission takes some time to be finished and I also shared it with my alliance (with 1 firetruck missing) all patients have been treated and transported to hospitals. Due to my settings at my (main) dispatch center ("Automatically stand down EMS units when not needed." is activated!) all EMS Units went back to their stations once all patients were treated.

    Now all vehicles are on scene (Alliance member alarmed too) but the mission doesn‘t get finished. It requires 2 educated personnel: EMS Mobile Command. And this is what I think is a bug: Coming from the german LSS I know that missions have this behaviour, but they are processed until the end and if there are no patients left the mission will be finished / closed. I suppose normally there is a query done to find out if there have been patients AND if there are now 0 patients and if this is true all requests for EMS vehicles or personnel are ignored to finish the mission, but not here.

    As the mission did not proceed I re-alarmed the EMS MCV to this scene and what do you think what happened? The re-arriving EMS MCV expanded the mission to Power Plant Fire – CBRNE and re-created patients. :rolleyes:

    I mean … well … the expansion makes it a new misssion and so there might be new / more patients. That‘s not my point. My point is the mission was not handled / processed due to missing EMS-MCV personnel that already did finish their job and went home again. The setting at the dispatch center is years older than the EMS MCV.

    At least I already have the EMS MCV on scene for third alarm. :S

    Yours, Taliesin

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  • Thats not a bug. The mission requirement is for a personal with EMS Command Vehicle training. I've trained all my Battalion Chief as EMS Command since any call requiring EMS Command will have Battalion Chiefs on scene until the mission end.

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