Tie trucks together

  • The title not make much sense but what I am thinking is to allow you to tie units together (more than just boats and trailers) so that they always run together if you send one.

    I am thinking something similar to how FDNY Squads and HM1 work. For those that don't know, Squads run as 2 units to some calls, the engine and the squad. Hazmat 1 always runs as two units, the walk in hazmat unit and the other unit (cant remember what it's for but most likely extra hands and equipment).

    I think it might be a cool addition to allow you to tie a maximum of two units together so that they always run, this is not an alarm response regulation, this would be similar to tying boats to trailers and stuff like that.

  • If you are not wanting to use ARR's with would dispatch by type you could instead create a group. This would then be specific to the station or named vehicle.

    Would get a bit messy though as you start to expand and get lots of stations, which is where the ARR's would be a better option

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