When will Liftboat ocean mission bug fixed?

  • i have no issues with those at all what type of bug are you referring to?

    For example EPIRB Activation (offshore) mission and a patient going untreated, that patient is being covered by a coastguard heli that does have critical care. To correct this, I have to cancel that heli, and force the patient to transfer to another unit

    Thus allowing for treatment of the patient and the completion of the mission. If the patients cannot be treated and only transported by the helis, then they need some form of blocker, to force patients onto lifeboats first. If they can treat patients, then they may currently be bugged.

  • yes the patients on the the boats have to go to port to be transported to the hospital the coast guard helio's will transport direct to the hospital the patient are treated by the helio and the boat crews. i wait until the mission is complete and then transport to hospital or port for transport

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