1 time Error. Ambulance crew left at station.

  • An ambulance was dispatched and had 2 crew assigned to it. Upon arrival at the scene it didn't provide patient care, so upon investigation it said it had 0 crew. I then looked at the crew at station, and it said the crew was available and not on a call, even though their assigned Ambulance was out at a call. I canceled the Ambulance with no crew and dispatched another one and it worked fine. This is a strange issue because it is a 1 time thing, on 1 Ambulance.
    The issue was only earlier tonight( 4/16/2017 @ 2129 -0400 UTC )
    Windows 10
    Google Chrome

    Again, this is a strange issue, and don't really think there is a way to fix the problem, because there probably no way to diagnose the problem. Best of Luck.

  • Me as well, I've just ignored it as it eventually resolves itself. Juggeroni, one way to solve this could be by binding personnel to that unit.

    I stated that I had 2 crew assigned to the vehicle. Or 2 personnel binded to the unit.

  • Try making the unit state 6 and then making it available again, if that doesn't work try deleting the unit and re purchasing it

    I let the unit return and it returned back to normal, as stated just a weird one time bug.

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