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    I suggest in the game that when a fire station is sent on a mission and the station is empty of an operational vehicle, an operational vehicle can be deployed from the nearest station to the station to clear that area. Cover.

    If possible, tell the game developer to do so in future updates

    Basically you are asking for vehicles to be sent on stand by at stations where their units are on larger calls.

    This has been suggested before and is being looked at but don't think it will happen as don't think it will be practical bit like patrol routes.

    Given the relative proportions of jobs that require it, isn't 'critical care' in MC more akin to paramedic than real CC?

    The way it works yes, and is how I have set it up. Every ambulance I have has at least one critical care trained staff on it.

    I do not use the fire ambulance extension as feel it's a waste of fire spaces (not that I use them all yet) and doubt I ever will as find that with playing realistic locations I can cover ambulances better with larger ambulance stations, just now most have minimum 5 ambulances and my busier area they have 10 per station plus then a few clinics are used too.

    In addition to making alliance education easier to manage (in fact all education)

    It would be great to have some sort of statistic displaying usage of courses and how quickly they are being filled

    Did we forget these were in the game?

    Can they be added to bridge strike, overturned caravan, multi-vehicle major incidents, HGV rollover, coach rollover and all the other traffic based dramas that they're currently not required for pls?

    One of our forgotten units.

    Such a waste really.

    I am considering for a bit realism to train all staff in the officer cars in mobile command.

    May add it to the lead engines but it is a thought just now.

    Making use of the command structure would be good though and have all levels covered.

    I'm doing similar with police as I go through it now.

    Improved Alliance Education system. Ways to set courses of in a more managed way instead of having to visit each school separately.

    Improved Alliance Building Managment, have a dispatch style type building to allow attachment of alliance buildings so that tax levels can be adjusted easily across a range of them.

    Improved staff features alliance management features for example give staff option ability to manage chat and messages area. Provide a customisable colour for staff tags.

    Fix the EMS stand down system and make it ONLY stand down ambulances.

    Add a loan system for alliances where they can loan credits with ability to set repayment rates and interest rates. To prevent abuse if a person leaves the alliance then they have the entire remainder of loan removed from their account even if it puts them into a debt situation.

    Add vehicle maintenance based of milage we already have it as a feature so could add on a way that triggers servicing after a set point.

    Add vehicle sales, currently just deleting them is not great and is a waste. A refund based of milage could work alternatively sales of vehicles between members could be good too.

    More realistic staffing options (the system discussed before on here sounds good)

    EDIT: Game chat could we have it so that we could manage chat more and a way that members can have an option to turn off missions from appearing in their chat screen. So those that want it on can have it on and those that don't can have it off. Alternatively could we have a mission chat tab and a general chat tab?

    That's just from memory what we have discussed at UKER that would help. Sure there is stuff I've missed. However I doubt fhe Dev team will do any of these requests and if they do no doubt it will be done in a way that is completely different from what the content team come up with in here and can guarantee that some will be designed to be content needing coins for those that are not large players or part of a substantial alliance.

    Some great ideas, I just want to say that I do take a lot of small suggestions and quality of life updates of the devs but they always get pushed aside for the big content packs of new vehicles and buildings. I may not comment but I take note, just unfortunately these sorts of things are never acted upon.

    My “better crewing” pack containing several gameplay changes that people have suggested has been sitting there for over a year now for example.

    Is there anyway we as a community can get them to make these minor changes to improve gameplay?

    As much as we all love new content with expansion for stations, new building and vehicles its not great when we are all still struggling with very basic gameplay options and features especially now where some of us have huge setups, insane alliance education provision and want realistic play.

    They really need to give us an update on the core features of the game.

    There is a lot of small things needing added just to help out.

    Or are we really having a case of the dev team only want to add stuff they know they can make money off. As most updates for players not in large alliances or with a large set up they are likely needing to spend coins just to get going.

    Like the recent police update, that for some has seen them having to pay coins just to be able to function fully.

    I am having RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare, all stood down.

    Not an issue as I have everything set up to not need the feature switched on now.

    thanks for reporting it. I have that feature disabled in the Comm Center in my US Version and it still happens. Especially with EMS Supervisors and Fly Cars

    I switched back on this morning in hope of recovering ambulances tied up.

    Only for all my calls that had a ambulance officer, welfare vehicle or mass casualty unit all released all units needed to complete them.

    A feature that I am paying for but can not use. It's not a new fault it's a well known issue and it's unacceptable that it is another that's shoved off onto a to do list while new content is prioritised.

    Part of loan system could be a lock on leaving until it's repaid or alliance admin authorise the release.

    Alternative could be if they leave during the loan period is they are immediately charged for the amount owing even if they do not have it in their account. Essentially they still have the debt but will need to pay off before being able to join another alliance. So essentially they ruin their own game.

    Loaning buildings would work but would limit it to only police and fire service small stations and limit loan length to 1 month after which it reverts to alliance and can be then loaned out to others. Each alliance would need to build up a loan reserve of buildings first and it would need capped so that it wasn't abused and had to be managed fully.

    Another alliance feature to add would be vehicle sales between members or loan system tie this in with the mileage of vehicles so we need to add in that to our planning say after 100k vehicles need replaced if not it's a breakdown risk. That would open a whole fleet management side for us. Say to extend a vehicles limit by 50k it needs to go off for servicing and is off the road for 12 hours. A milage based limit here is probably more manageable than time based as loads of us batch buy units so could have loads off the run at once if it's time based. Any vehicle being sold or loaned needs a service 3 hour for loan and 6 for sales.

    Cost of servicing would be 1k for loan 2k for sales and for the extended life it would be half to three-quarters the cost of a new vehicle but it can only be done twice so by 200k you can not extend.

    Preventing abuse and making it work as a feature could be that 100k risk of break down is 30 to 50% reduced to 10% by servicing. At 150k the risk goes up to 75% reduced to 20% by that service and at 200k risk increases to 80% but is not able to be reduced by servicing at 200k vehicle can not be loaned or sold.

    This would obviously need the addition of workshops which could be an extension to stations or the alliance could offer workshops too.

    Agreed, I think alliances in general could do with an overhaul and given more features all round.

    It's took nearly a year for an admin/content team to actually take note of this.

    Isn't it about time we have a focus on alliance features and settings.

    First priority needs to be given to protecting the original alliances of the game to prevent the Alba incident yep fixes were rolled out to newly created alliances but us OGs have had no assistance or support on this.

    Next alliance education like mentioned needs an overhaul.

    Other alliance things that need changed is better building management, we need to have something similar to a dispatch centre that we can use to manage various settings for all buildings attached to them. This could really work well where a large alliance is wanting to offer discounts in one area to encourage growth but not in another so buildings in that area are managed separately.

    Next staff roles, we have seen the new role of staff added but it provides very little, could this be expanded so that it allows them provision to make posts as staff and can manage chat etc.

    Other features that would be good is some form of loan system where be an alliance can offer a loan of funds to a member but at a set cost and repayment rate loans would be limited to 4 to 5m and you can only have one at a time. This would be great for new players to help get them going.

    Ability for alliances to change the building logos on alliance buildings too not that it would be something for us to use as it we have them switched on in map settings our game lags due to the sheer number of them, that is a totally different debate though and is something else that needs fixed).

    They have fixed other similar issues quickly when asked to.

    This has been an issue that has been ongoing for a long time and really should be something that is sorted as it is now having an impact on gameplay.

    This fix should be part of routine tidy up work and management of the game. Something that should be happening regularly by the devs.

    Just saying oh they have 24 versions to look after is kind of a rubbish excuse too why expand to have 24 versions but not be able to maintain other versions with simple fixes.

    Not just that the dev team is kind of slapping the content creators on this forum in the face with the fact they mess up the packs they design. Then to hide behind this utter rubbish is really taking the piss out the content creators for the game.

    You may not like it coming up all the time well take it to the devs and show them that it needs fixed.

    Sooner these small details are sorted the better instead of leaving them to mount up.

    I started out looking at this new update when it come out and took the info I could gather from it and work out what is best way forward.

    I play realistic locations only for Police, Fire and Ambulance with HART, HEMS and NPAS all well beyond realistic now due to playing in Scotland.

    I looked at this update and missions around it plus requirements etc this is one of the best updates we have seen thanks to the content team. I've read over the thread and realised that yet again though the content teams excellent work has been watered down and edited by the devs which has created some issues.

    It's good to see these being ironed out and slowly getting towards what is needed.

    Now let's break it down

    The L1 and L2 training. L1 is the highest level and has been pointed out before and it would also cover L2 these needle reversed in game but that is a minor detail really. For now I'll talk about it the way the game has it to avoid confusion.

    L2 (in game) is the highest level of Police Public Order Training available and therefore any staff trained in L2 should be able to cover L1 requests, this really is not an issue as staff trained at highest level would have had the lower level training anyway. So for me I'm just training staff in L1 & L2. I will just send the combined total requested. I personally don't think this needs changed just change the course order so that it reflects real life.

    I am also working to add medics, inspectors and sergeant's to my stations in a realistic manner. Each station will have the exact same setup now. They will have a:

    • Response section with 5 IRV, 1 with inspector and 2 with sergeant's.
    • Traffic section with 4 RPU, 1 with sergeant and 1 with inspector
    • Dog section 2 DSU, 1 with sargeant and 1 Multiple DSU with 1 inspector and 1 sargent. All will have a medic trained officer.
    • Firearms section 3 ARV,1 with sargent and 1 with inspector each with a medic. 1 MRAV with 1 sargeant and 1 inspector plus 2 medics. 1 FPC with inspector and sargeant plus 2 medic AND ALL trained in L1 and L2.
    • Public Order section, 2 PSU with 1 sargeant and 1 inspector plus 2 medics per unit all staff trained in L1 and L2.
    • Mounted section, 1 mounted unit with 1 inspector and 1 sargeant all trained in mounted.
    • Custody section, 3 detention vans with a inspector and sargeant.

    It's a lot of training but it's about making a robust set up and given I've got quite a few stations near each other should be fairly sufficient. I've a few questions on training issues but I will add the questions at the end.

    Now onto the Police Depot.

    I've looked at these and just can not at this time see how they are beneficial.

    Yep they offer a huge building and 40 cells but the time it takes to build all 40 cells I can likely add more stations and cover more ground with more cells in that time.

    I've not fully wrote off getting one or two for providing extra garage spaces for units to provide more resilience but I will wait until all current stations are upgraded and working.


    Seeing loads say about issues with it I get them but really with this update as it is education heavy your going to have to more work to customise units. Just now think I'm just going to add sargeant and inspector as a category and stick it on all IRVs, RPUs DSUs and ARVs with the trained staff in them. For units with both in them may add a custom for them.

    All in all great update so far even though I've not went live yet as still training staff.

    Questions and ideas

    First I know this has been asked before but is needed. Can 1 prisoner be transported in a PSU please. This is what most services have in their PSU can't say training stops this as the Traffic Cars are trained in roads and they transport.

    Next multi role training.

    No need to change the public order training here think the intention is to do both, which is no great loss in my opinion. What I want to know is units where we add sergeant's and inspectors if they can be recognised as both when it comes to numbers as that would be more realistic.


    I know I've said train public order staff in both L1 and L2 but not said same for inspector and sargeant where it would be a promotion style thing. I am thinking of doing this but at this time it is added work but will likely happen.

    Could the Foam Pumps/ CAFS WL/ CAFS RP be available w/o extension for foam as the majority of pumps down here are cafs and i honesly cant be asked to build a extension at every single fire station, not to mention the cost,


    Yep they can do that and refund every single one of us that's already bought the extensions.

    Police do not normally do prisoner transfer from custody to courts or prisons to courts this is done by private companies, believe it is GEOAmey that has the contract just now.

    Police only transport suspects from scenes to police custody or do occasional transfers between custody suites due to logistical issues, mainly one becoming full or it develops an issue.

    Adding prisoner transfers is not really going to add much to the game play. The clinic generated transfers need to be improved though as they have huge potential to be a thing even hospital generated transfers where a department is not available.