create your own calls

  • like this idea??? 30

    1. YESSS!!! PLease add it!!! (20) 67%
    2. Yes! (4) 13%
    3. no (6) 20%

    please add this to the game, it would become a lot more popular as it can fit everyone's needs and liking's.

    add a feature where we can choose to turn on or off the calls currently provided by the game, if left on, it would be the same as it is now,
    but if turned off, we can create any amount of calls we like.

    name the call, assign units required, and choose the whether it will spawn near a ambulance station, police station, or ambulance station, (can pick one or all 3)

    the credits would be the same as the alliance missions, the more units, the more the call is worth.

    there is no harm done to the game with this feature. the game would most likely just gain popularity.

    for example as why it is good,

    where i live, our fire engines are Medic Engines and respond with an ambulance to medical emergencies. so i can make my calls to how my dept dispatches.

    and this is good for players who dont like getting a "Brush fire" call in the middle of new york.

    this would make the game more realstic to every individual player in their own way.

    so please,
    give us the option to turn off your calls and lets us make our own.

    please vote

  • I made a topic recently about a similair idea but for vehicle creation and sharing.
    Response was basically that the idea is sound but implementing would make future game updates redundant. Last few game updates that have been highlighted on facebook have been missions releases or new vehicles so allowing us to create our own means little point in Sebastian bothering with ‘official’ missions/vehicles.
    I would say that having a hub where missions/vehicles could be created, viewed, rated and selected for use within alliances/sp games, kinda like the graphics packs i guess or a mod Database, could be a solution. That way official vehicles and missions could still come out.

  • So, you are basically saying:
    - Add an option where i can turn off non provit cases?

    This opens a huge possibility to cheat in the game, if that would not have been an issue, it would have been added by now.

    There are already custom alliance missions and those are good enough.

    A better option would be, to let the player rename missions to their needs. Technically that‘d mean a lot of storage being wasted due to custom names but that could also be stored within the client.

    It does not comply with the game mechanic and base idea.

  • so is admin going to ingnore this? it would make the game wayyyyy better due to customization.

    We have acknowledged this on multiple occasions, Sebastian would not like this to be added due to as lost saying it opens up cheating, you allready have custom alliance missions. Please don’t reply to threads that are clearly inactive.

    Thread closed

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