Pumper Tanker as starte vehicle

  • This would make sense, as the rescue engine and quint are both multi-role vehicles and start vehicles.

    Howdie DFRS999,

    This is not true though? The Rescue Engine, as well as the Quint, are technically not "start vehicles" since you have to pay coins for them. Yes you can buy it, but technically it is not considered a start vehicle due to the fact that you have to wait until the rank of, "Captain" in order to purchase your apparatus with credits.

    Pumper Tanker's are most likely not going to be added in as a start vehicle because there's just simply no direct need. You need more Type 1 or Type 2 Engine's then you need Tankers. That is the reason behind not having a Pumper Tanker as the starting vehicle.

    Any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to ask me!


  • a) The quint and Rescue pump are possible starting units, once you are level of captain.

    B) Yes, adding a pump tanker as a starting vehicle is probably something that has been overlooked when it was introduced into the game, obviously as not all vehicles can be brought with the stations at the start, the coding to allow it to be brought at the start would be different.

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