• ok i wonder

    if a calls demand a hazmat team and (or) Educated personnel: 2x HazMat

    1 does that mean that trained ems would be able to replace a hazmat truck

    second thing i wonder if you have trained ems would they be able to function (as trained ) without the matching unit

    (wich i would find very very weird as it would change the rules for ems compared to mcv hazmat truck swat etc

  • The first part of your question is correct. If you have a Hazmat Ambulance it will count towards the missions Hazmat goal and personnel count. 2 Hazmat: 8 hazmat means 2 hazmats with 8 people needed on the scene. You don't really need the hazmat ambulance as any mission will just accept a regular Hazmat.

    For the second part, I would say I doubt it although I have never tried it. It would not make sense if that were the case. You need the specialized equipment on those units to fulfill tasks like that so I would say no.

  • Actually, educated personnel don't work if you don't have the correct vehicle (K9+K9 car / ""Sherrif"" + ""Sheriff""car / Hazmat with Hazmat Truck or HM Ambulance, etc...)
    Same with ALS Firefighters in a regular truck.

    > ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus

  • yes but before the ems call it only asked for the units now there is alos the following

    Educated personnel: 2x HazMat

    wich makes me wonder

    Just because some calls will need more Hazmat staff. It's a good indicator for those who use Hazmat truck and Hazmat Ambulance at the same time. They now know if for 4 HM personnel required that they can send 1 HM truck with 4 personnel or 2 HM Ambulance with 2 personnel each.
    It's the same thing with all SWAT missions. They don't just require SWAT vehicle but an X amount of SWAT personnel that you can fill with a combination of armored trucks and SUV's or just SUV's

  • kinda joping there will be calls demanding the new units

    like a highly

    bv like transporting a contagious person or stuff like that otherwise it seems kinda obselete (as the flycars have become)

    There still might be, they roll out new calls every Monday. Perhaps they were waiting to roll out new calls to give the players some time to build?

    Also I use Fly-Cars quite regularly, as they will upgrade a BLS Ambulance to transport an ALS patient OR will treat & release a patient not requiring transport.

    There are numerous vehicles which may be "obsolete" in the standard of pure gameplay, but as a lot of people build realistically, they are still used (think Bike Police or Type 2 Engines).

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