• But to round it all of not only can I not merge 3 of the same station into 1. Once it becomes a small building complex you are then unable to expand it into a standard size (large) Station. So I've just spent 300.000 credits on a station I'm now stuck having just 6 units in where as IRL there is double that. I had high hopes for this feature but I feel like the rest of the community is kinda right in it being a waste of credits.

  • I haven't been able to use this new feature and nothing from what I'm seeing and hearing makes me want to. I doubt any of the developers play the game and have any real life experience of Emergency Services. Building a place like this in real life would cost just near that and I understand the cost as in reality but the limitations on needing of unit spaces and min of 3 depts. and small not being able to have expansions doesn't make sense. a complex would most definitely have more units but that's because there are multiple depts. not the fact that oh we have 2,000 sq ft to fill, lets get more units. People are mad and upset with the roll out of this and I am as well being that it just causes more frustration in use, not implemented/ designed appropriately, and not beneficial for game play and players. Devs please help improve the game to keep and grow the game and interest in playing instead of discouraging no worth additions like this add on of what is being called "complexes".

  • me personally, with all what have been written by other players, the features of the "complex buildings" and my personal views (which i won't go into, unless i have 10 hours spare in which i don't) i won't be using them. unless its improved and the devs are listening to the community. its only the community that is keeping the game going, without us, there is no game. So devs, i would like to request that you listen to your community and what they telling you. otherwise, there will be no game. it will just die.

    i am only speaking facts. most people does not like facts thrown in their faces, but it seems like they are not listening at all.

  • Been working on adding a small complex as a test for islands.

    I added all 3 stations and have went to add extra units to my police station.

    I have the space to add one more unit but when I go into the buy vehicle I have no option to buy anything.

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