Police Units Limited?

  • Does anyone else have a issue with adding more Police Units when you create another Station or expend? I have 33 Police Stations and it’s only allowing me 143 Police Units and it will not let me add any additional units like Patrol, K-9, or SWAT

  • Could you elaborate/send some screenshots. Stations have a maximum amount of bays you can add to them. 40 units for a big police station and 6 for a small one. In the recent update if you expand the game warden or police boat you will get 2 slots for free in your station. However it will only let you purchase those vehicles with your two slots.

    I personally have maybe 100 police stations with some upgraded to 30 vehicles each and have not gotten this issue. And as far as I’m aware there has never been a limit that matches the case given. :)


    Acknowledged after reading your post again. You said “patrol, K-9, and SWAT.” It is most likely you got a game warden or patrol boat expansion which gave you two free slots but you can only use it to buy a warden or patrol boat.

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