Foam update

  • I didn’t know this was a thing. I have to say I’m getting a bit fed up of these hidden requirements being added without me knowing that completely force players to spend more. I feel that no matter how many times I bring them up (same as all the HEMS rubbish) I am not being listened to and am getting told either it’s not how they do it in Germany or we don’t think the players would like that.

    What’s the point in us putting time into developing content packs and doing what we do if they end up not listening and adding it how we and the community want.

    I totally agree if the MissionChief-Team actually read the forums and did there job as being community team. They dont listen to what WE the players want there is so many little things the devs do which really annoys me. Example HEMS, welfare needing training. They need to get it together and listen to the players, if they can do it on DE why cant they do it here? If they really cared about the game they would actually read feedback on hear and take it on board they would know its what EVERYONE wants

  • When me and the team design content updates, we go for as realistically British as possible with features the players want. Its what we have always done and will always try to do until we cant. We have some really great stuff lined up and i want to see players enjoy it, not come to us with problem after problem because of hidden features that have been implemented to make players lives harder and the game less playable. I have said many time, this isnt like your usual mobile game, the majority of players have an interest in the emergency services and would rather something be more realistic than more arcady. For example, a player would rather send a vehicle 30 minutes if IRL it would take 30 minutes, than have restrictions imposed on them. The player restricts themselves, but in a realistic way.

  • I'm replacing all my Rescue Pumps and Water Ladders with RP CAFS and Wrl CAFS. The ARR's set up don't recognise these trucks have the same sets ups, but with the additional CAFS. Is there a way to set up a ARR where it can call up either a RP or RP CAFS, etc... or can the mods amend accordingly? Not sure if anyone else is having this issue.

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