• I think that the recruiting time for stations should be shortened a bit it would really help guys that are just starting out if they could hire guys a little faster and not have to wait 24 hours to hire one guy. I think that it should be reduced to every like 3 or 4 hours to recruit a guy and that way you can start training units faster so that you dont have to wait and slow your earnings down this way you can keep building and training and not have to worry about waiting a week to be able to start training.

  • You have the ability to recruit more persons immediately for coins.

    I could not see a 3-4 hour recruitment period as that would make it significantly easier. The only thing I could see is potentially giving premium members an advanced recruitment period (say 12 hours), as they have paid for the premium features.

  • This game is about the slow burn and relying on your community when you start out. There is no end game here so i doesnt matter how long it takes you to get there. Is it frustrating? absolutely, but it also affords you the time to learn what you can about the game, network with other players in your location and work together to get the jobs done. Also historically shared mission will pay out more than the basic starter missions so ask that same network to share their missions so you can earn more credits so youcan build more fire stations and thus get more jobs

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