"Armoured Vehicle" requirements on missions

  • How come the mission requirements have been changed on firearms missions from personel to personel in armoured vehicles?

    I have it on good authority that at least 2 of my local and neighbouring forces ARVs are standard vehicles like traffics ones, with a gun safe and all the storage for their equipment with no armour on the vehicles.

    I have also been told by a met firearms officer that their vehicles dont have armour either so I am wondering the thinking behind it?

    Would it not make sense to have the requirements say 4x armed response personel in a firearms vehicle rather than armoured vehicle, as when you say armoured vehicle I think of the Jankel in the met but very few forces have an equivilant to that style of specialised vehicle.

  • Ascot114

    Changed the title of the thread from “"armoured Vehicle" requirements on missions” to “"Armoured Vehicle" requirements on missions”.
  • Its just a translation not being correct any firearms vehicle works (ARV, ATC, FPSU, MRAV)

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