ARFFs and airport calls.

  • In the US, most ARFFs are maned by a crew of 6 men, only switching to 2 once the unit arrives on scene. The remaining 2 men stay in the ARFF to man the cannons.

    Also, the 2 new calls both require only one ARFF. This response may be good for a Cessna having a small fire, but if a 747 had a cabin fire, they might deploy 3-5 ARFFs before the airplane touches down.

    I like the airport update, and just want to see some improvements.

    I saw it in another post, but I would also like to see a stair vehicle for large airports.

  • I have never seen an ARFF truck with 6 people, I know I'm from the UK but the equipment is virtually the same, the Rosenbauer panther can hold 2 people and can be operated entirely by one person and you could say that most US airfields have Oshkosh strikers but even in the case of them they can be operated by one person, and they can hold a crew of 4. So I think the maximum crew should be 4 and not 6.

    The large airport version I agree should have more ARFF trucks required but the small airport I think is fine the way it is.

    I do agree I think a stairs vehicle would be nice for the Large Airport calls but maybe enable a platform truck to do the same thing as I know some large airports don't have stairs but do have ladders.

  • i agree with having 6 it allows for any posible variations plus we have engines or pumpers have roof turrets that can carry up to 6 people like some normal engines plus here in australia we use the 4 crew panthers not the two crew ones

    I did not know they made 4 crew panthers, you learn something new every day

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