Highway Patrol

  • Would be nice to see a new Highway Patrol building with State Trooper units. Becomes very difficult to add State Troopers to my setup using the Police Station building, then upgrading it to level 39, add 40 units to the building, then have to manually reconfigure each unit to the State Trooper category so they are not dispatched as a regular patrol car unit.

    Thank you for the consideration.

  • in the us veson, i just build a police station and call it highway patrol

    This works. But if you want a highway patrol only unit then you must change each unit from a patrol car to a custom category of state trooper. Do this for 76 Troop locations at 40 units each location for a total of 3,040 units. Then you need to change a setting on all of your patrol car units so you use the change vehicle settings script by JRH1997 to make the changes to the all at one time. Now you have just reset all of your state troopers back to patrol car units and now you must manually reset the custom category back to state trooper for all 3,040 units yet again. Becomes a real pain in the butt real fast.

    But I would also settle for just a highway patrol specific unit that is housed in a regular police station. Just as long as it dispatches as only a state trooper and not a regular patrol car.

  • Much simpler and less complicated to just create a Station along the interstates for example and then name it for that type organization (FHP) in my case of Florida and name each unit accordingly as you build and then deploy them as you want...

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  • 1. Build Police Station

    2. Name police station KiCkApOo Highway Patrol

    3. Change name of police car in station to KiCkApOo Highway Patrol 1

    4. Fill in “Highway Patrol” in the own vehicle category section

    5. Click “only dispatch vehicle as own class“

    6. Click Save

    Repeat 1-6 for new buildings. Repeat 2-6 for new units in existing buildings

    Boom! Done!

    Basically all of my units in 4 different cities with many unique fire/police/EMS vehicles have their own category, it’s not that hard or time consuming. Writing this took longer.

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  • Yes that would be a good addition. Like as an extension because we don't (at least in vic that I am aware of) have separate/standalone highway patrol buildings. Plus a new training called "Highway patrol training" or something like that. A car that costs the same as police car and counts as a police car at missions.

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