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    Imo what needs to happen is change the system on releasing paitents maybe to make it so a paitent releases after 3 (can be decied/changed) hours of going in (longer time but more leave)

    E.g if 5 paitent comes in at at 2 form a major incident 3 hours later (5 o clock) all 5 will be released

    Could also be integrated with the patient codes.. Higher severity patient codes stay longer.

    I feel like being able to expand past 30 is a good idea. If you are playing in the turbo mode obviously missions generate quickly. I have had many cases where multiple missions spawn/generate within minutes of each other that have multiple patients (15-20+) patients at a time. Hospitals fill up quick. I use the map on the version of the game and it shows where hospital/medical facilities exist. I have spaced out hospitals and clinics appropriately as I build out and I still find hospital beds full. It may or may or may not be something that can be done, but I do like the idea if they would entertain it.

    I think you've misunderstood me.

    If you're playing in a given area regularly, you physically won't be able to use more than 24 of the beds on a regular basis.

    Say you have 100 beds on a hospital… You put 100 patients in them. 24h later, you have 76 patients in them. You play again the day after, you can now only use 24 beds. Play again the day after, only 24 beds still.

    This is because hospitals only clear 1 patient per hour. A much better use is to build the same hospital 4 times, expanded to 24 beds. This still gives a 100(96) beds at "that" hospital (split across 4 buildings). However, you now clear 1 from each per hour, and therefore all of your 96 beds will be clear after a day when you come back :)

    Any beds past 24h (if you play regularly) are virtually single use, and therefore basically useless, and especially wont be worth their cost.

    There's no point in more than 30 beds realistically - Even 30 is somewhat useless. If it is in an area that you'll frequently use the hospital, you will be limited by the 1/h release rate, meaning you'll only use the last 24 beds at max.

    Im getting to the point where i think if you think you can do a better job why don't you purchase a server and a domain, write the code for a game with the level of realism you want ( and make it work) and then employ a whole team of support staff to answer people the minute they send a support ticket because no matter what you know better than all the content advisors and experienced players and have unrealistic expectations. A lot of these posts are completely uncalled for and just posting for the sake of posting.

    Probably sticking my neck out on the line here, but this was clearly a question.

    I'd agree there's times where they have done and said certain things that could be very well upsetting/annoying/frustrating to the team.

    However, in this case you've just chastised them for what? Asking what units do? Isn't this the point of the forum? Ask questions, help, and yes, even complain.

    If you don't like ChiefBoden, or cant handle them, maybe just leave it to another moderator. EMSchief handled this thread perfectly, as always. Don't see the point whatsoever of being rude to them.

    i glad the Devs set up the specialization, but why couldnt they just make it separate stations instead of the extra steps to make a station specialized. Its not like it hasnt been done before - we have the Fire Marshall's office, and the fire marshal extension, so why not for example a Wildland station?

    Specialised stations are not a new "type" of station in the way you're thinking. They're building off of the expansions we already have.

    To add a forestry station when there is already a forestry expansion for fire stations makes absolutely no sense, for both game mechanics, back end, and for users.

    Sorry for the mistaken values, looks like some extra zeroes snuck in ?( We have updated the mission and it should now take the correct amount of time (if you still see the wrong value, you can force it to recalculate by withdrawing and then immediately dispatching a unit again).


    Dennis of the dev team

    Thank you for resolving!

    This mission is definitely broken. Someone in my alliance has this mission with 2 rescue pumps on scene, which covers the 2 engine requirement, however, the remaining mission time is "1 days - 08:44:16"

    Had other reports of this too from other players experience similar things with times in the 2 days range.

    Both rescue pumps have 9 staff in as seen below.

    The missions will be changed and the devs have said they won’t update missions without me telling them or getting my approval in the future

    That's awesome, lets hope they stick to that last part... Seems like they've been a bit more willing to work with you/advisors recently?

    To be honest that does line up with other things on other games - Always have been told to use dispatch areas to separate our coverage areas, if we want certain missions to spawn in certain areas.

    Ah wondeerfull
    I did not see that, where has that been announced?

    It was in a thread here:

    Server issues?

    They didn't state which mission, but it aligned with them removing 6 variants of the Light Aircraft Crash.

    The 4 PRV and 4 SRV definitely needs removing, and the 2 HART bases on nightclub fire should be reduced to 1 (units are fine here)

    This wasnt asked for. These HART requirements are crazy

    I don't understand why they do this, especially without consulting anyone, or informing us of changes. They've done some good changes recently (fixing small things) that they haven't even informed us of, for example:

    Large Public Disturbance & Bar Fight & Protest, now needs 1 Public Order expansion to spawn

    Car Jacking, now only asks for a traffic car is we have one

    Medical Emergency While Driving, now has 100% patient transport chance (used to be 1%)

    However, they then go do random stuff like this and it's so confusing.