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    i glad the Devs set up the specialization, but why couldnt they just make it separate stations instead of the extra steps to make a station specialized. Its not like it hasnt been done before - we have the Fire Marshall's office, and the fire marshal extension, so why not for example a Wildland station?

    Specialised stations are not a new "type" of station in the way you're thinking. They're building off of the expansions we already have.

    To add a forestry station when there is already a forestry expansion for fire stations makes absolutely no sense, for both game mechanics, back end, and for users.

    Sorry for the mistaken values, looks like some extra zeroes snuck in ?( We have updated the mission and it should now take the correct amount of time (if you still see the wrong value, you can force it to recalculate by withdrawing and then immediately dispatching a unit again).


    Dennis of the dev team

    Thank you for resolving!

    This mission is definitely broken. Someone in my alliance has this mission with 2 rescue pumps on scene, which covers the 2 engine requirement, however, the remaining mission time is "1 days - 08:44:16"

    Had other reports of this too from other players experience similar things with times in the 2 days range.

    Both rescue pumps have 9 staff in as seen below.

    The missions will be changed and the devs have said they won’t update missions without me telling them or getting my approval in the future

    That's awesome, lets hope they stick to that last part... Seems like they've been a bit more willing to work with you/advisors recently?

    To be honest that does line up with other things on other games - Always have been told to use dispatch areas to separate our coverage areas, if we want certain missions to spawn in certain areas.

    Ah wondeerfull
    I did not see that, where has that been announced?

    It was in a thread here:

    Server issues?

    They didn't state which mission, but it aligned with them removing 6 variants of the Light Aircraft Crash.

    The 4 PRV and 4 SRV definitely needs removing, and the 2 HART bases on nightclub fire should be reduced to 1 (units are fine here)

    This wasnt asked for. These HART requirements are crazy

    I don't understand why they do this, especially without consulting anyone, or informing us of changes. They've done some good changes recently (fixing small things) that they haven't even informed us of, for example:

    Large Public Disturbance & Bar Fight & Protest, now needs 1 Public Order expansion to spawn

    Car Jacking, now only asks for a traffic car is we have one

    Medical Emergency While Driving, now has 100% patient transport chance (used to be 1%)

    However, they then go do random stuff like this and it's so confusing.

    Correct SCotty.....I dont have it enabled and it is not happening across the board with any consistency. I know that I dispatched an EMS Chief and an ambulance to a call that showed "1 patient 100%" and the ambulance did not make it... EMS Chief did..

    Yeah so that's a totally different bug to the one that was fixed :)

    Seems interesting that the games goes down and then a bunch of missions have changed.
    Maybe its because of the changes the game went down.

    The devs confirmed that it was a mission change (removal of the Light Aircraft 4 PRV 4 SRV 2 Welfare variant) that caused players that had that mission generated to be unable to load the game!

    I dont believe this is even the bug that was fixed..

    The one fixed was about other EMS units getting cancelled while being in the mission requirements, due to Auto EMS standdown being enabled. As far as I'm aware this bug was what was fixed, not ambulance not making it to scene.

    Ambulances worked fine still for those reporting this bug, and you've repeatedly stated you dont have EMS Standdown enabled.

    Only thing is there'd need to be a check so that when sending an MCE etc to a large aircraft it doesnt send 210x CC notifs, maybe a 1 notif/mission limit?

    Yeah, it makes sense in the overall "realism" etc aspect.. But does make the unit rather expensive for little to no use. Would be interesting if we can get it incorporated somehow else :)