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    Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) - 800 gal tank 1 trained personnel

    Smoke Jumper Aircraft - 2-10 trained personnel

    These are real units that the US Department of Forestry uses to operate on their forest fires. These would be nice to see in game for realistic purposes and make it cheaper and easier to get water/personnel to a wildfire.

    Excellent suggestion

    If you go into the edit vehicle screen it is in the station and is available you should see a move button next to the station information. I attached a screenshot.

    ok..thank you... I saw that but I thought that it meant to move the entire station....not just the unit.. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I guess the fact remains that across the many jurisdictions being copied or duplicated throughout this game, there are just as many combinations of apparatus and how they are used or combined for use to meet the needs of that specific jurisdiction and the developers will never be able to recreate all of them. Another example is Tankers.... We have air Tankers and then there are also Tankers available for use and also pumper tankers. If you go with NIMS compliance and what they do in CA (I think) , if you call for a Tanker you are getting something with wings and if it has wheels, it is called a Tender. The County my city operates out of is now using the term Tender. Bottom line is that we take what is available and we adapt modify and overcome

    thats nice to know.. someone needs to put that in the how to play the game section

    for example, one weekend you got credits for "buying coins" and coins were offered at a reduced rate. Another time, almost all of the activities except the number of missions needed required you to do something using coins.

    ohh so in order to get the weekend events you also need to use coins to complete other events thats are considered part of the weekend events? is that what your saying? now i totally get it but in all honesty i never saw a damn thing where you had to spend coins to complete 16 mission weekend events. as of right now i dont want to get involved in any of the police stuff so i guess i'll lose ouf on "mission" event stuff for ALONG its frustrating because there is nothing on any of the forums what tell you anything about weekend events and how its done. i figired it was special fire missions thats pop up that you have to complete.

    That is the entire task completely as some require coins, some require use of points...

    Not sure what the original intent of the Fire Prevention Units was as I have never seen one listed in the mission requirements but could they be enabled to respond to the Smoke Detector Check mission?

    In the US version some of them are "required" on major fires and in some cases I have received a "suspicious person" or "suspicious person at a fire scene" requiring them as well as police. And yes...I would say it would be nice to have them be able to be assigned to smoke detector checks.

    another weekend playing pretty much nonstop except 6 hours of sleep and here we go another FAILED weekend missing out on 300k and a coin thats 2 gd weekends in a row..totally unacceptable in the game!!

    Finish 12 "Weekend" event task(s) Reward: 100,000 credits Ends in: 2:07 11/12

    Finish 16 "Weekend" event task(s) Reward: 200,000 credits and 1 coins Ends in: 2:07 11/16

    Not sure what all your problems are my screen said "16 missions" and there was actually an extra and I filled them all. But yes.. you have to read the requirement as some require the use of coins

    With regards to crashing, that wouldn't be anything per say to do with the game but likely your browser. What browser version are you using?

    As far as the LSSM setup goes, you have to click on extended alarm window in the top left corner of the settings tab which will take you to the settings for that feature.

    Thank you....I finally got it to work... appreciate the support and the information

    With regards to crashing, that wouldn't be anything per say to do with the game but likely your browser. What browser version are you using?

    As far as the LSSM setup goes, you have to click on extended alarm window in the top left corner of the settings tab which will take you to the settings for that feature.

    Google Chrome and ok... I will try that again.. can't seem to find it but thanks for the help

    I think you misunderstood my comment. Only 3 hopsitals in the whole of London have helipads - all MTCs, then a fourth MTC doesn't have a helipad. No other hospitals actually have a helipad on site but this doesn't take into account local areas HEMS will land in and then convey the patient the remaining short distance by road. 27 hospitals in total, only 3 helipads.

    May I did not answer correctly before and my response was trashed as inappropriate...but I have found that in the US Version, if you build a hospital, you DO NOT have to have a helipad for you to transport a patient by air to the said hospital. However, if you as asking for a helipad to be added to hospitals when you build them so you could station a helicopter there, that is a super idea..

    I did that....the extended alarm window is on and When I go to the LSS manager settings this is what I see?

    For the record, I am fine with those points being that high.

    Anyone have an idea what kind of missions they are used on? I have several and have them "trained" to the correct level, but there never seem to be any missions generated asking for them.

    I really don't think this is a bug in the game but I posted it here anyway for fear of being chastised if I put it in the general discussion forum. I play on a lap top. A new lap top that has specifications for gaming and live streaming. However, several times during the day the game will "lock up" my computer and the only way to get back in is to do a hard reboot. I have tried Control/Alt/Delete to get to the task manager, but when it locks up, it locks up. I have tried to clear the CACHE and Cookies and browsing history and it still happens. I know it relates to the game because if I log out and close it, this does not happen. Any Ideas? I also downloaded that link that was shared yesterday for the app store and I see no where it in the ability to customize tabs. I am new to the game...just about 3 weeks, so learning my way around and would appreciate not having my messages or posts "trashed".